JAWS scripts

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1. helleon,

I always tell people NOT to post anything off-topic in the Playroom forums but here I am doing it! I'm desperate, OK? Just wondering, if I purchase anything and then also purchase scripts with it separately, how do I activate those scripts, or will they activate automatically when I open the programme?

2. StormProductions,

Why not to post anything off-topic as soon as it's in the tea room? That's what tea room is made for.

3. Howard,

Hello. Somehow I missed the topic, so a late reply. Basically, in most cases all scripts come with appropriate documentation. Either they are active as you said by simply using them with the app, or they have a special interface to enter activation key, or some other way to authorize your copy. I can help further if you mention which scripts in particular, or in addition you can contact the company making those scripts.

4. helleon,

When I purchase them I'll PM you if that's OK. Thanks!

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