I Need Help with My iPhone and the Web Site

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1. pianogeek,

Hi, gamers. I wonder if anybody can help me play using the game hotkeys without VoiceOver interfearing, because right now, I’m having to swipe from buttone to button. Obviously, it’s very slow and I am holding up the flow of the games, causing people to leave me behind. I have a Bluetooth keyboard and IOS13.2.3, the latest update. So all I need is to know how to use the hotkeys without VO taking over.


2. Aminiel,


Sadly, it seems that it isn't possible on iOS.

At least I haven't managed to make it working.

3. Rory101,

is it possible with android?

4. slannon,

Last time I checked, it was possible to use a keyboard on iOS. Disable QuickNav and all the standard keyboard commands should work.

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