I'm curious to know what encryption does the playroom use?

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1. The-Chaos,

Hi guys,
as the topic title says, I am interested to know what kind of encryption, if any, is employed by our beloved platform? does there exists end-to-end encryption or not. also what encryption algorithm is employed by the client to scramble and unscramble the chat text especially on free tables?

2. Aminiel,


The encryption algorithm used is one of those available by the OpenSSL and LibreTLS libraries.
In short, that's those used in regular HTTPS connections.

3. The-Chaos,

thank you.

4. slannon,

I assume the web client is encrypted as well when using https? Speaking of which, going to qcsalon.net or www.qcsalon.net appears to use regular http. Is this not encrypted? If not, the site should default to https no matter what has been typed in.

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