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1. Maldalain,

Hey all.
I have Open Office Writer installed.
Whenever I select a text with CTRL+A it highlights only the content on the page I am in. I also checked Select All in Edit and it is always the content in the page I am in. Also I tried going to the very top of the document and then pressed CTRL+Shift+End to go and select content to the last page and the only content selected is still the words in the page I am in. I quit using Word for the crazy lag with NVDA, so installing MS Word is not an option for me.

2. Mmarina,

Hello, i've heard that libra office is more accessible so you may try that.

3. Maldalain,

I am downloading at the moment, hope this works!

4. florianionascu7,

Hello! Does it work?

5. godfather,

Lebra has other features but it too, i had to leave due to the crazy lag streaks/random freezes that would entirely render my pc useless and cause me to restart. I currently use open office and it works well. However, havne't really tried ctrl a so not sure. I try to use any sort of word processor minimally as i prefer text-editors such as notepad. However, that's just accoridng to my own needs and preffrences so of course it could differ but as such i dont really know what to suggest since yes ms word is very very laggy and in my experience so is libra.

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