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1. Rory101,

Ok it clearly states in the rules you are to make your table private if you speak a different language
But some people, they don't seem to understand it! And that isn't the end of it. They act like I am the villain for politely asking them to make their table private. This happens all the time and it's making me rather angry. The playroom is supposed to be a nice place, not a place where you get abused countless times because other people were too lazy to come and read the rules!

2. delmar-barry,

How many times are you planning to complain, in how many separate topics? Ignore those you don't want to see and you'll be fine.

3. Dayan,

Well. As far as I know you can use another language if the table master allows it. So, if you are at another table where another language is spoken, you can feel free to leave it, or open your mind to a new language and culture :)

4. Mmarina,

Well, this rule does exist and we stand by it. However, I would like to draw your attention to several points here.
English is the international dominating language in the world. this means that we have many communities that do not necessarily speak English, but when they sign up and do not find their language they use English by default. This is mostly not true for other languages where most users are rather native speakers.
I would ask you to show more tolerance and understanding with this regards, since they probably do not mean to offend you, but just they have language barriers.
This does not mean that if someone offended you in another language or acted rude they wouldn't be punished, absolutely not. It just means that we have decided to be less strict and more understanding when implementing this rule in the English part to be more welcoming to non-English speakers.
I suppose they kick you when you ask them to make it private, since you do not accept their language, and they naturally are looking for people who speaks their language. So maybe just join another table and try to take it less personal :)

5. metal_phoenyx,

Warm greetings all,

Please allow me to add a contribution to Dayan's wonderful post. Being a language teacher and someone who can communicate in four languages and trying to learn the fifth, I can confirm that, in spite of English being our time's so-called universal language, as Latin and French were in the past, it is obvious that many people either don't master it properly, or simply never had the chance to learn it. Those who use other languages on this platform are not being mean by definition, maybe only a bit clumpsy, or even more probably, a bit tired of being despised for their inability to use English properly. I have already been on many free tables where people did make an effort to communicate, using very simple words, or taking a very long time to respond.

Also, if I may make a few suggestions to the original poster:

  1. Kindness and patience might be a better approach. Have you already tried to open a conversation by using very basic vocabulary? When the other person feels that you are doing your best to get to know them, they will almost certainly return your effort by trying to have an exchange with you.
  2. Have you thought of using this opportunity to start learning a new language and enlarge your own horizon? It would be a splendid occasion, given that their are already people on the playroom with whom you can practise. There are about 7000 languages around, and believe me they are all expressive, beautiful and interesting. In addition, learning languages will maintain your brain's health!

In my humble opinion, linguistic diversity is among the most precious things we have on this platform, and it would be sad to restrict it. We can learn from each other, help each other, without stygmatising anyone. I've been kicked from tables countless times, without even knowing why. Just go forward, join another table or, even better, create your own.

Happy chatting!

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