Uno league season2, final list.

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1. Fawaz,

Hey everyone!
preparing the final list was hard job, since we had no choice but to put more than 10 players in the waiting list.
we apologize for the delay, but our plan was to start in next month since Krish was traveling. however, we're ready to go now!
here the 25 players who will play each other (matches and the dates will be announced soon).
1- fawaz

  1. magicalkrrish
  2. yazan
  3. vojvoda
  4. afrim
  5. dalibor
  6. angelina-princess
  7. everyone
  8. guliwer
  9. bastibasti
  10. undertaker
  11. maldalain
  12. il_bell_ragazzo
  13. badgirl
  14. keywasful
  15. me-me
  16. marina7
  17. trixabella6666
  18. JScholes
  19. policeman1
  20. guido
  21. earin
  22. adventure-time
  23. h-m-c-z
  24. ashraf

2. Mazdak ,

Hi, I was registered too, and my name is almost top of the list, now why you didn't registered me?

3. musiclover,

i have been wateing for theree years for this i was not put why

4. Dayan ,

I support musiclover. No matter how good or bad are the players, if it's opened to all public and she has been waiting for long, I think that she deserved to play. You people who made this tournament shall not discriminate anybody, as long as it's opened for public, everyone's free to register. I highly doubt that she was late to sign up, I rather think that for one or another reason, you simply decided not to write her name below. About the other guy who commented here, the same goes. The fact that he is not of the ones you play with, does not mean he is good or bad. And anyway it does not matter if he is or not. He wanted to participate, she wanted to participate. If you are gonna be excluding people just because you don't know them or because they do not play often or not well, then you are discriminating and no reason can justify your act. However, good luck to the ones who are at the tournament and my best wishes to them. Just my humble opinion.

5. Nikola,

I agree with that. When you chose the players, those that sign up first should in my opinion have advantage, not those who you personally know are the best. If you wanted only good players, you could have created some kind of qualiffications.

6. BellaCat6666,

Yeah, I rarely say this and I'll probably get burned for it, but that's ok. in musiclover's defense, she's been talking about it nonstop and I am seeing a little biasty here toward her.

Zuletzt geändert von BellaCat6666, Sep 25 2017 22:41:38

7. Everyone,

i guess for next year we should have actual divisions with a promotion system... LOL

8. HVACSalesman,

I guess we figured out that QPR is all about the "POPULARITY CONTEST." LOL
...Only the biggest and baddest jocks, and the prettiest cheerleaders can join... EHEM EXCLUSIVE
...Just like high school!

All I can say is that from now on, we all know that when Fawaz and/or Krrish creates tournaments and leagues, because they've shown their true colors, take them off your friends list. Don't ever associate with them. Don't join them at their tables. Don't talk to them... Nothin' like that. They don't deserve your time.

Furthermore, if you are aware that people who habitually organize tournaments discriminate against people in favor of their friends, never include those people in the tournaments that you organize. Also, YOU, create a tournament or league that has a structure that doesn't discrminate... Except against habitual tournament organizers who discriminate! Feel free to kick them to the curb!

9. Cristina,

Sorry, but I can not agree with almost nothing of what was said.
The organizers have said that unfortunately, they were forced to put on the standby list, like 10 players.
I truly believe that they chose those people, about who they know that they are not just good uno players, but also players who turned up to play their matches in the previous uno tournaments or league.
When we organize such an event, we need serious players, who will turn up to play, or who will not leave in the middle of a match, as musiclover is often doing.
Failboy also, just sign up, but doesn't come to play his match, he did this when I've organized the french tarot tournament. He even did not ask me at all, about the tournament, although I've contacted him and asked if "Does he play that game?" and he said "yes", but I never had seen him playing that.
However, my personal opinion is, "think before you say something" and stop enjoying to say such words about anyone on the forum, just because some people like to write here and read their own post.
If some of you are so charitable and feel sorry for those who were not included in this league, then please organize one for them and everything will be alright!

10. MagicalKrrish,

Hello guys, let me clear few things here, our sslections were based on commitment towards the league. We took those players who have been consistant in turning up for the tournaments. For your information, diana, we did give chance to Musiclover in the last uno tournament and she didn't turn up on the tournament day after saying yes. so please stop putting wrong allegations about anyone just like that without finding the reasons. You all are on the stand by list and if in case, someone pulls out then we'll slaught you in.

For now this the final list and my humble request is stop making the post messy. Our slection is nutral and no favouritism about any players here. I already have enough of the arguements from the last post and I m not going to tollerate anymore such things again.

Be humble and there is always a next time.

Kind regards,


11. Dayan ,

Thanks for clearing up things, I apologise if I did not say things the best way. Being that one the case I think I can understand your reasons. Good luck and may this league be as successful as previous one, or ones were.

Kind regards, Diana.

12. Nikola,

Well, noone said all this just to make fun of the organisers or something stupid like that. People should stop saying if you feel sorry for them organise your own league because everybody is free to give an opinion about a tournament. If we all would organise tournaments when we don't like something it would be a huge mess.
About musiclover, I did not know that he was in the previous league as I didn't remember that. It's certainly your choice on how you will select players and based on which criteriums, although I do feel this could have been mentioned when the signups started as pretty much any new player wouldn't have a chance to join.

13. YNWA,

There is a statistics page and you can check people out that way as I have done in the past so that is not an issue. I can understand people trying to get in people who they know because there is less risks during the tournament. You need reliable players as you have enough to worry about during the tournament as it is.

14. me-me,

hey guys. just relax. there is no reason to point out things that are not true at all. i am not a good uno player just to inform you. so nobody chose me for that as was your concern. so this is not about choosing the best uno players or the best friends, its about limited players. since the first it was made clear by organisers that not all of us could be part of the final list cause of the limited number of players. and the rest of players are on the stand by list. so actually nobody is excluded. be racional and understandable guys. dont put fire in the wrong place. be well!

15. Fawaz,

Another thing is, this is a league not tournament. which means this will last for around 3 months, each week around 3 matches, and we're testing this format for the first time. will be very risky to include more than 35 players(all the players registered.)
Krish at least organized many tournaments before with different amount of players each time, so even musiclover and the other dude been included (who doubts can check tournament posts on the forums still :) ).
best wishes to everyone!

16. me-me,

yup! so lets see how this league goes to have more chances for the next one! be positive guys!

17. randomrob,

This is absolutely shameful. Everyone knows how much musiclover has been looking forward to this compotition. Just because she didn't turn up once last year? I didn't turn up multiple times. I'm sure if i'd have signed up, I'd have got a spot. The truth is that it is a popularity contest. Krish, you're my friend and I think you're a great guy. But this is disgusting behaviour. It should be first come, first serve, simple as that. If people don't turn up, then sure, replace them. but you can't just pick and choose.

18. Ferrumite,

Maybe he was waiting for this chanse, but if someone has the bad expirience with some player he would be less likely to be in a leag.

19. Nikola,

Small comment: Watching statistics is a terrible idea to see if someone is good. What if I change my account? You'll be like well you don't even play this game.

20. musiclover,

u are right robb i have i want to do this so bad

21. me-me,

hey rob. i'm sorry to say that but your comment is out of place. dont you think you should be more careful with your worrds while giving a comment? because in this way you just fire people up more and more and this has no sence. your words "shameful", "disgusting" and "terrible" are very rude and worthless. it's ok you can give your comment, but without offence towards others. after all, it's up to organisers to set up the rules of their own competition and nobody has the right to judge the way how they organise it. they already told milllion times the reason of passing people on the standby list , so there is nothing wrong on that. your comments seem to be a bit in "personal" terms . and if you have anything"personal" with organisers go and deal with it but not here. that's not the right place. good luck .

22. Everyone,

You've been wanting to play so bad you had to go and make up untruths in order to say how badly you wanted to play? Waiting for 3 years... Has it not occurred to you that the first uno league was approximately one year ago? You can't have waited for 3 years.
I honestly would suggest that most of you do your homework before responding, so that you at least know what you're talking about, particularly those of you who I've never even seen play uno before. Now I know I am not around all the time, so I can't keep track of every single player who does and doesn't play, but I'd like to think I've been around long enough to get an idea. It makes total sense to do it like this. Remember how everyone was so anxious for this league to start because it would be difficult to organize all the matches by yourself? Well, the least that could be done is to play with reliable people. In my opinion, this doesn't mean that you're not allowed to miss a match at all. We all have lives. It's happened to me as well. But to sign up for every tournament, and not showing up half the time without so much as an explanation (not even afterwards!), then it makes total sense to start with reliable people at least. As has already been said before, this is a pretty long term commitment. Had it been a tournament lasting only a day or two, I'd have agreed. But not for a league like this.
Should the selection process have been made more clear? Probably yes. I'm not going to disagree with that. But seriously guys, can it with the incessant complaints about literally everything.

23. YNWA,

Checking statistics is only one of the options you can ask around and also talk to the player. The playroom does not offer any formal tournaments so it is up to anybody to host them. It is not the Helper's job to decide a tournament and ask for applicants to host them on their behalf. Therefore, it is up to the people who is hosting a tournament to accept a player or not. When someone puts an add on the forum for a tournament and someone types in "count me in" it is not a legally binding contract on either party and that is why you get situations where people don't bother to turn up or hosts choose to not include all of the people that have applied via the forum.

With 10 players waiting Krrish and Fawaz could have a pre-qualifying competition but looking at past history some people wouldn't turn up and they would have to recall people that have been knocked out. Either way you can't win.

24. randomrob,

So I'm offensive but leaving out people just because they're not very good, even though they signed up early isn't? seriously, I htought you were good people, but it's becoming more and more clear you just stick together, that's fine.

25. me-me,

ok , i think it's time to stop it rob. we all are the bad ones, you're the only good here.

26. Dayan ,

He did not say that, moreover the comments were going to krrish and fawaz as I think. That you support them is another thing. Anyway, I suppose nobody of us insulted or made some comment which could be aggressive, but seems that people only know how to defend themselves by being sarcastic and at points nonsense. Even I am so at points so why do I complain at all lol.

27. Cristina,

Guys, forgive my boldness, but I can not resist to remind you what Fawaz has said in his post, after when a lof of people signed up. here are his words: "As well not all the players who registed will be included in the final list, we have a format, so we have to restrict participents count."
So, nowhere was written that: "first come, first serve".
And stop taking musiclover as reason, because all of us know how the things are and I truly believe that none of you would have included her if you were organizers.
She is good girl, nobody doubt this, but somehow she often forgets when she should turn up and play and I do not think that she could manage to do this in every week, during 3 months.
Moreover it is easier to take from the beginning a player, about who they know that he or she can turn up to play, instead of finding someone, who could replace that, who will not.

Hope I did not offend anyone with my words and my behavior will not be considered disgusting, but guys, for the sake of God, please be realistic and careful with all what you say.
Better, let's vote who will win this league, I cheer for undertaker!
Good luck guys! smile

28. me-me,

diana please, read more careful the comments next time. you will realise that yes, there were some ofensive comments.

29. Dayan ,

The first one I found ofensive was krrish's comment...

30. Mayank ,

We're talking about a person here cristina. Whatever someone else might do in another tournament or what kind of a person someone is not the topic of the conversation here. Let's not sit on judgement on someone else.

Getting out of hand. Writing your opinions is one thing but let's not get personal Everyone (Not the user.)

Organisers responded here. Every organiser has their own format they choose. If you still have genuine questions on aspects of this tournament I hope they'll respond. Let's not take it as a personal battleground.
No need for tempers to run high. Let's keep it civil.

Zuletzt geändert von Mayank , Sep 27 2017 01:16:44

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