Belote tournament

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1. Cristina,

Greetings all!!!
It has been more than one year since we had the last belote tournament and I think, it would be great to have it again.
My current plan is to organize one on the next weekend, Saturday December 2 and Sunday December 3.
If that weekend will not be ok for some of you, who would be interested to participate, I could suggest an alternative weekend, Saturday decenber16 and Sunday December 17.
Depending on how much interest it generates, I will form a final plan about starting time and structure of this tournament.
Please sign up here, on this topic or contact me privately if any of you wish to participate and mention which weekend would be more ok for you.
Kind regards, Cristina!

2. me-me,

hey. count me in. the weekend of second decembre sounds better for me.

3. Fawaz,

I can take part only if after december 7. if so, count me in!

4. marina7,

hello, same here, I only can on december 9th, so if it'll be this week count me in please. thanks

5. Areyana,

uh oh, wisha, but i think i am notta good player,, sign me up as agrate loser. big grin!

6. Cristina,

I am sorry, but i can host this tournament just on the first weekend of december (december 1, 2 and 3) or on the third weekend (december 15, 16 and 17).
I've given these alternatives because on the second weekend (december 8, 9 and 10) i can not. I will not be around on the 10th of december.
So, please check your schedule guys and be sure if it will allow you to play on the first weekend of december or on the third.

7. marina7,

oopse sorry I thought you said either this week or the week after, well it'll be good for me too the third week I guess, although I am not sure yet.

8. Fawaz,

Third for me.

9. me-me,

haash you both! i cannot on the third week! :D:d

10. MagicalKrrish,

3rd week looks fine also for me.

11. policeman1,

sign me up please thanks

12. Nikola,

Hi. Me and bastibasti would like to participate and I think any of those 2 weeks would be OK.

13. musiclover,

put me in

14. alesia,

helo count me please my partner is furki thanks

15. Cristina,

Hello guys!

Thank you all for subscribing.
There are 9 teams so far, just 3 spots left, if you are interested to participate in this belote tournament, do not hesitate to grab one.
The tournament will be held on the third weekend of december, (december 15, 16 and 17), because more people prefered that date.

When i will have all those 12 teams, we will make the draw then I will tell you more about the rules and structure of this belote tournament.

Kind regards, Cristina!

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