Belote tournament draw

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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody

The draw for the belote tournament has been done today, thank to Vojvoda, who helped me with this and as well to Nicolae01 and Ofelia, who assisted it.

This tournament consists of four stages: groups, quarter-final, semi-final and final.

The The first stage will be divided and the matches will be played on December 15 and December 16.

There will be two different starting times on Friday and Saturday, 16:00 (4 PM UK time) and 19:00 (7 PM UK time) respectively.
The other three stages will take place on Sunday, the starting time is undetermined yet.

The first stage consists of 4 groups, 3 teams are placed in each group.

Each team of a group will play the other teams from it group, therefore each team will play 2 matches.

The groups are as follow:
Group A:

kırık-kalpler ahde-vefa
Nicola Bastibasti
Policeman1 Quedirgencero

Group B:

Angelina-princess Areyana

Marina7 Fawaz

Andreiuta Ofelia

Group C:

Cristina Taper

Catallin Nicolae01

Alesia Furki

Group D:

Waternimph Undertaker

Dragos Aurel

MagicalKrrish Guliwer

The first two teams from each group who will have more victories will qualify for quarter-final.

note: If there will be any tie, the difference of scores will break it.
The score limit will be 1070 minus 1 for the first stage then will increase by 100 points for the other stages. Therefore the score limit of final will be 1370 minus 1.

Anyone can laugh at this funny score, but it was chosen on purpose, to bring more entertainment and smiles on the face of players.

If any of you need further informations, please contact me privately.

I wish good luck to everybody and hope to catch all the players on the time.

Kind regards, Cristina!

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