6 april is tournament okdomino tournament

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1. andkuk,

a domino tournament on the playroom. I and my friends are organizing a domino tournament at the playroom. the tournament will be on April 6 at 17.00. play up to 100 points domination up to 12 356 pieces. write to the forum write to me personally or to skype andrej.kukovec draw groups of 2 April at 17:00. welcome and good luck

2. musiclover,

can i play in it pleez

3. andkuk,

excuse me date 5april friday 5 april 17.00 time wil draw four 2 april 17 time

4. Redbox5,

Count me in

5. RadioPierpaolo,

Count me in.

6. theblacknightingale,

count me in

7. blaise,

i ame interrested to participate in this tournament.

8. george,

Hello, count me in!

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