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1. YNWA,

Dear all

I know some of you have taken questions from the internet that have a good question and one good answer but if the other options have no relation to the category your question is in then you end up making your question very weak and much easier for people to answer.

Years, months, colours and numbers are much easier to find for alternative answers for your questions but finding people and other options are much harder and take much more time to find.

I will give 2 examples but they are not an example of any existing questions that I know of on the quiz.

If you have a question asking which German Author wrote Emil and the detectives and only one of the Author's was German than for many book lovers then your question will be much easier to answer even if they had never heard of that particular novel.

If you have a question asking who painted the last supper and your options included Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Jackson, Emile Zola and Leonardo Da Vinci then the question becomes much easier to answer than it should be. The other three options have nothing to do with art.

The idea is to have one clear question and not two or three questions in one. Have 4 alternative answers where only one option can be the correct answer

Which of the following artists painted the 'Mona Lisa'?

then 4 aartists for people to select from

Leonardo Da Vinci
Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Claude Monet

We don't expect people to write it in perfect English as we can correct any issues but it is much more helpful if the answers relate to the subject of the question you are sending.


The Quiz Party Team

2. afrim,

If only you knew how much I have suffered to provide valid alternative answers for works in literature. You could say that all the alternatives were possible if you didn't know that this author wrote that and that author wrote this. In one question about African Americans who revolted against white's racism, there were four alternatives about an African American who refused to give away the seat to a white person on a bus, condemning the racism against them. Now, you can't include in the alternative answers Barak Obama or any other prominent figure cause we already know that racism in America ended around 1970s and Barak Obama didn't care much at that time if he was allowed to have a saet on the bus or not :)

3. the-raven,

just to make the suggestion more concrete: try to avoid including years or numbers that are unrealistic. Try to make sure that the interval is the same between all years. My point here is that if the answers are 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008, it's too easy to guess the right answer, if it happens to be 2005 or 2006.

4. basket,

Sorry the raven, to my uneducated mind, what you just said made little sense. I think what Ynwa may be trying to say is to avoid out liars to make the question less obvious. If it is, I would have to agree with him, as rare as that is.

5. YNWA,

I think Basket is still upset about how the Quiz Party worked out in the end. I know we never got any message to welcome us from our fellow Helpers when that should have been the norm on the forum so I would disregard all of his comments. I know Basket could have done much more to help our team when we were looking for more people to help with finding validators. I think people are still unhappy with Basket for taking so long originally when it was clear we had enough people to carry on with the quiz as it is proven now.

Perhaps the-raven could have worded things better but she is correct. For the record The-Raven is doing a very good job for The Quiz Party as our team have been doing over a number of weeks now.

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6. Raki,

Raven, I respectfully disagree, I don't think the intervals make a difference, in your example the answer could be 2003 as much as it can be 2008.
Now, if the question asked what year Trump got elected and the choices were 2016, 1906, 1806, and 1966. There's obviously a problem there.

7. policeman1,

I think each of the choices have to be events that occured.

8. balasana ,

I'd say all above are right on some questions, but few hard rules would apply to all. If one choice out of four is so wrong that's funny, it could very well light up the party!
In light of the complaints about repeats, I think we need more playable questions than fewer but more academically perfect ones.

9. TheOracle,

it's certainly important for people to make the choices valid, so that people think any of them could be the answer.

saying this, it is also up to the player what they'd like to do in terms of answers.

some players don't set out to make the questions harder, some players just want to submit questions for fun. i've seen at least 1 question on here concerning a certain cartoon, where the choices are extremely easy and it's easy to find the right answer, and that's fine.
with me, it's about the quantity of questions, not quality (that is to say, the more questions, the better chance of it being random)

if I want to send a question say with easy options, I should be able to do it

10. balasana ,

Yeah, I agree quantity is more important, otherwise QP will quickly become a memory test. A variety of easy, normal and hard questions should be allowed, instead of forcing all questions to conform to one single standard.
I'd only signal if the question is too long or the submitted answer is incorrect.

11. Raki,

I've been told that it's quality over quantity at the moment.

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