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1. SummerSun704,

Hi all, I am using my cell phone to access the playroom via the web client and every time I close and reopen the page it switches the language back to French even though the setting says English, and I have to go into the optins menu and choose English. Anyone know of a way to make the language choice stay?

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2. Sajad-Aliraqi,

This problem has been discussed on multiple occasions, some users said it happens to them and some said no it doesn't, myself I am saying I haven't had such an issue. But maybe it detects your location through GBS or detects from the language your phone is set to, I have no clue

3. Anorak,

happens to me as well. Neither my location, nore my default language is related to french. I really wish it could be fixed.

4. Aminiel,

CAn you tell me if you really are on

Or if, for any reason, you were under:
which is the URL for the french version ?

I want first to know if you get french because yo are on the wrong URL, or because of another reason.

5. Nikola,

Hello Aminiel, i did some testing and here's what happens: When you are on the homepage, that is and you click the link for the web client, it does go to but the language is French. You can change it to English using shift+f3 but even when you do, if you restart the client it will switch to French again.

6. riad,

Some sighted people I know and who use the web client have the same issue, but I don't think this has anything to do with French being my country's second language since people living in non-French speaking places have the same issue.

7. Nikola,

No it's not any kind of need for location access, websites have to ask you to allow location access, at least on chrome. Not sure about other browsers.

8. Dayan ,

I am at Mexico and still if I enter to it shows in english, instead of spanish. Well it used to, I don't know what did I do on my computer and perhaps now starts in french :D this didn't happen before, is something that has been happening the last months. Perhaps this whole year but I don't really know.

9. Anorak,

so, after dayan's explanation about es/game, I tryed that and it worked. I know it's not the right way but at least it gives access to english playroom without having to change the language manually

10. Nikola,

Wait? You tell me That Spanish client connects to English? That's seriously wrong.

11. Dayan ,

It connects me to french. Aminiel, sorry but you messed it up :D

12. Aminiel,

I think it should be fixed now, if you clear your browser cache.

13. Dayan ,

It does not work for me.

14. Nikola,

It does actually work. Clear cache as Aminiel said, and it did work for me.

15. Dayan ,

Oh yes, worked. But if I change the language seems I have to clear it again...

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