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1. play_romania1,

Hello! I have a request. I would like, theplay room to be translated into Romanian. I know people who could help, but first I need your opinions!

2. tiny,

also we need turkish translate, there are many turkish players here

3. play_romania1,

no problem, but will be nice to have a new language.

4. mohammedradwan9564,

ok did admins tronslated to arabic first to see other languages

5. play_romania1,

One of me voice sinthesizers, don't read russian caracters or arabik. So i need to change me voice sinthesizer when I'm changing me language. :D

6. nokomi,

You can propose you're help for traduct in an other language.
I don't think that someone in the staff speak romanian, so, maybe it's long but i think it's the only solution.
and i think it's the same for turkish
For traduct by yyourself you can ask to the admin the way.

7. Vojvoda,

If you guys would also read forum and not only write on it then you would get answers on all your questions

8. Nikola,

Agree with that. Most of the people who want to translate don't even have the required skills and think it's easy to just translate playroom.

9. Ferrumite,

agree with nikola. if this can be translated from english, it would be mutch more easier. But, because we musst translate from french, that's an other matter and requires mutch more skils. sadly there were menny candidates for translating into other languages but that had fallen into water, I am afrade

10. play_romania1,


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