Additional chat commands

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1. Jeff-Rutkowski,

I notice that limited chat commands can be used when preceeded by a "/" slash. I'd like to suggest additional commands.
"/leave" - leaves the current table
"/quit" - quits the playroom itself
"/invite <person>" - invites the specified person to the table
"/who" - displays a quick list of connected people similar to the shift+w command
Additional text can be specified after the "/who" command such as "all", "english", "Spanish", "French", etc to show people within different portions of the playroom.
If anyone has any more suggestions, please reply to this topic.

2. Ferrumite,

I think that invite exists, but I don't know what would be the point of all that. I meen, it's easier if you can just press enter on a users name and invite them that way, or just press shift+w and such. but for my own suggestions, I that there should be a command for kind of desabling/enabling chats, maybe even to play audio streems, and that's all.

3. hassan,

what is your name

4. Vojvoda,

I personally don't see the point of typing /leave to leave the table or such

5. Nikola,

There can be a point if for example /leave leaves the table without asking you if you are sure you want to do it, which should be the case as it's not usual that someone tipes /leave by mistake.

6. Ferrumite,

I do have to agree with stevan, I meen, is it really a problem answering yes to a question with 2 items?

7. Nikola,

Of course not, but noone forces you to use it. It can be there and you can still use q. Command prompt is still here in Windows even though we have graphical user interface and there are several reasons to prefer commands over interfaces.

8. Ferrumite,

@nikola when you look at that point yes, but you cant compare that directly with command promt because you can still use some more advanst commands in there, while if you type /leave or press q, it has no difference

9. Nikola,

Sure you can use advanced ones, but basic ones still exists like copy to copy a file, directories management and a lot of others.

10. Everyone,

invite does indeed already exist.

11. Vojvoda,

Yeah I understand that both solutions would work and I am not against this suggestion, just was asking myself what is the exact point in that because however you look at it leaving pr or the table is faster when doing it with current commands than typing.

12. Nikola,

Well I personally wouldn't really use the /leave command so much if at all either, i was more interested in other commands like /who which could even offer more than what is currently available if implemented so that /who french displays only French people and so on.

13. Alicanto ,

/rolls displays the rolls game. Here are the commands for it:
/xc (from 1 to 9) does throw a single or handful of coins upwards till they fall over the table.
/xdy (first number is the number of dice from 1 to 9 and second is the sides the dice would have, from 2 to 999) For example: /3d9 would throw 3 dice with 9 faces each

14. Saniel_Morse,

As an extra note: if you need a random single-number generator, you can type in /1dNumber, where "number" corresponds to the range from 1 to the entered value. So you can write /1d100 to generate an number in between 1 and 100. Kind regards.

15. Alicanto ,

really dude? that just throws a dice xd. I've posted that before

16. Saniel_Morse,

A die here is not more than a whole between a number and another imo. So if someone needs a number and not six, that's why I wrote this.

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