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1. YNWA,

I am delighted to announce that we have now passed the magic figure of 10,000 questions and latest 10,030 and rising. Soon all categories will have a minimum of 500 questions so I think it is fair to say that there is enough questions in the quiz. That does not mean that we will stop adding questions as more questions are still welcome. It does mean that phase 1 is over as we have ensured there are enough questions for the quiz to keep going for some time. My original idea was to create a quiz that will last the playroom for 20 years and more and I believe we will achieve that. For those of you don't know 10,000 questions is either a very big print book or 2 good standard quiz books so if it was brailled then it would take up a lot of space. We now have a good quality database of questions that people can enjoy.

We now need to make sure the repeated questions, similar questions and ones that have slipped through the net get removed. We have to find errors and correct them. Some of that has already been done but not as much as I would like. We need to improve some of the options that are given in the quiz to strengthen the question, this is where Pot Luck would have made the quiz even better because sometimes the category will give the answer away!

You said that Geography and Politics some way went together but in looking at some other websites they had History and Politics together and not geography. Interestingly to start with we received questions about Presidents in the History section. I suggest that Politics should have it's own category. I have listed below the numbers for all the sections:

Geography and politics 2220
Geography and Politics 2166
Geography and Politics 1441
Geography and Politics 1159

As you can see there should be more than enough questions for both Categories. I have not put in as many questions from what I have from my own sources as I focused more on the other categories but there is no problem in getting enough questions for Politics. There is enough questions for a Space category and enough for a Royals Category. There is no issue with moving questions as we will have to go through every question as part of the job.

I think 500 is a good level for questions and even eventually going to 1000 questions but I don't see the point of having say 2000 or 3000 questions for an individual category so I don't see why there can't be other categories above the suggested 15.

I would like to thank everybody for sending in questions, I would like to thank everybody that has helped me on the team and by no-means least I would like to say a big thank you to Aminiel for putting his faith in me and I hope we will have a fantastic quiz to go with the new PR3.



2. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Congrats for achieving that.

3. Ferrumite,

just continue your job guise. If everything goes well, we will have quiz that will last for 50 years!

4. fire-starter,

nice for you

5. YNWA,

I forgot to add yesterday that the flagging of questions now works properly. Anybody that finds errors in the Quiz and there are still quite a lot to sort out can now report them. I have sorted some out as you may have noticed but there is still a lot of work to do. I would like to thank Aminiel for fixing the problem.

6. Mazdak ,

Cheers to all of staffs and also to all of the players in here. Hoping best progressions for this game. Also thank to the people who sent their questions for validation and made amount of a large databace of questions in different categories, also thank to the validators for spending their time to validate the questions. Greetings to all.

7. Nikola,

Yes, the ctrl g has been mentioned in the updates and work in progress a while ago.

8. Cristina,

I've noticed something since a long time, but I still can not understand how is this possible? Maybe someone can explain me.

I've seen the number of validated questions of some players was, let's suppose 100, but after some days or a period that number decreased instead of increase, even if they continued to submit.

maybe some of you will say: "there were identic questions".

Ok, but in this case why were deleted those questions which were already validated and why weren't rejected those which were pending for the validation?

9. Nikola,

It happens when validators delete their questions.

10. Cristina,

Ok, if they delete our questions, then why are we asked to help them and submit?

11. Nikola,

Sometimes the reasons are valid, but yes in some cases their reasons for doing that are just weird, but let's not talk about that on this topic.

12. AmineTrichine,

when a question is signaled, it has to be looked into. If it's terrible enough it could be deleted. Who knows.

13. Nikola,

As i've said, there are legitimate reasons for deleting a question which include duplicate questions, incorrect facts and so on. The stupid and unnecessary ones are something like too many questions in one category, too many questions in one subject etc.

14. YNWA,

I have been away so have been unable to answer the question. Nobody enjoys deleting questions as you have to work twice as hard to replace them. Most of us have consentrated on adding questions as people want enough questions to play the game without getting the same questions after just a few games. Repeated questions are the obvious ones or questions that are very simlar must be deleted and even I have had to delete my own questions but as I have added more people have not noticed. People on the validating team have validated questions that should never have been validated and that is why they have to be removed. You cannot have obscure questions say on a band that hardly anybody has heard of. Remember quiz party is not a Sports/Music/TV quiz so you cannot have specialist questions that only experts in that field can answer. There are a lot of border-line questions in the quiz that you can debate if they should be in the quiz or not. You have to ask yourself is this question a valid quiz question and if the answer is no you cannot accept. I could post examples I have found but that is not nice, and you would understand why they have been deleted. Some of the categories have some weak questions as we have tried to make up the numbers but I hope that will be sorted to make the quiz even better than it is now.

For the record Cristina you have sent in a number of excellent questions as have a number of people in the playroom but we want to make the quiz as enjoyable as we can for as many as possible.

15. Basti,

Bravo Ynwa you make very good job

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