My soundpack for Playroom

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31. bogdanmuresan,

Hi George. The opperation is different. You need to put them in the app data. Not program files.

32. Nikola,

I'm not sure why the playroom keeps sounds in both folders. I thought that it is done so that when an update is installed, if you have sounds in app data they are prioritized and thus not replaced but from my testing this doesn't work at all and sounds in app data get replaced regardless.

33. sanagui_dj ,

is just in the appdata folder, in roaming> qcsalon.

34. george,


35. Minionslayer,

When i paist the link and press enter, i find the file. it says the file size and a download button, i press it and chrome showes me an alert with the options, leave and stay, and a check box, each one i press takes me to another dialog with the options, show in webstore, add extention and cancle, i'm not really what to do.

36. StormProductions,

It looks like you have a virus in your pc that makes ads on your browser. Try again, or use another browser.

37. Nikola,

Or use dropbox instead of stupid solid files.

38. StormProductions,

Hmmm. I'd use Dropbox if my link wern't banned. You know how Dropbox loves to ban links.

39. Basti,

Then use one drive

40. Minionslayer,

google drive anyone?

41. StormProductions,

Well, well. You're getting out of topic.

42. Nikola,

If out of topic means discussing better ways to access the pack itself, then sure.

43. StormProductions,

No, out of topic means talking about other programs while in the pack's topic.

44. AmineTrichine,

your definition of out of topic is wrong. I'm happy to tell you that. Off topic means talking about food while we are talking about politics. See, those have no relation in anyway what so ever. But if I say the pack's link is unaccessible, and then someone suggests you to use an other file hosting site, and you say that they're getting off topic, then sorry your definition is stupid.

45. Mazdak ,

Yes, that messages were people sent is completely related to topic, because it's about accessing easier to your uploaded file.

46. Nikola,

That's what happens when unresponsible people post topics people.

47. AmineTrichine,

could not agree more

48. StormProductions,

Why do you guys make flame war just because I said it's out of topic? You could just say "No it isn't< and done, why making war and tons of replies just about this?

49. AmineTrichine,

I don't know cause it sounds to me like you started it with your own hands lol.

50. StormProductions,

Nah. With my own keyboard. :D Do you guys want an update? It's almost ready.

51. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I do want an update myself. Not impatiently but because I am lazy to edit the sounds myself as well, there are some long ones. I wait it though

52. StormProductions,

Hello everyone.

I made a page for the soundpack for my website. You can visit it here:

53. The-Queen,

Hello, can you please post the link? I do not see it.

54. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Amna, haven't you pressed enter on the post itself. You could see the link if you did.

55. StormProductions,

Hello. As the client won't anymore show the whole topic, the link is lost. Here it is:

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