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31. Nikola,

OMG you're so annoying and constantly repeating yourself over and over again. I will address only one point as all others are already addressed and you just don't want to listen. Do you really expect people to look constantly at the number of questions and see whether one of yours has been deleted or no? That's the least important thing to me. Also, the fact noone wants to help is apsolutely wrong, it is you who doesn't want anyone to help you so you can talk how you 2 are the only one working on the quiz. First, when you asked for new validators i am sure a lot of people wanted to join the team. Second, this is not how quiz is supposed to work. 2 people cannot do the entire job, and I am quite sorry to see how selfish you are from message to message. Also, I don't interpret your messages in the way I want to, rather lots of stuff has already been answered and you keep annoying aminiel with repeating your categories over and over again without reading his reasons.

32. Ferrumite,

let me just say that if you were standing in front of the tv when something like Milioner or Jeperty was on doesn't meen that you're instantly a top quiz champion. I know that you can really learn by watching quizs but that doesn't meen that you are next top the smartest person. If that's your only excuse that categories can or indeed musst be changed, then they wont be changed at all. About prazeing and stuf, well there is the list of valedators on the staf page, if somebody on that list isn't doing his job in this situation valedating questions, he should be removed, no questions asked. If one of the other validator forces him to not work so he can be the best, if it's prooven right then it's the same thing for him. Kind regards

33. YNWA,

Wanting to do a job and being able to do a job are 2 different things. Why do you think we are now correcting so many errors? Who said watching quizzes is our ownly experience for doing this job? I have written my only quiz program that was multiple choice like this in Pascal but not as good a long time ago. Merlin has hosted quizzes and is excellent at them as I think the stats show. Where do you think many of the questions in this quiz have come from? We don't need more Validators as all questions are validated. I have more questions to add so that is not an issue. The issue is what the 15 categories should be and that is what we are debating.

Aminiel has already accepted that politics can be moved to History. As I said people did originally put them in history so to move them back is hardly abuse of power as they are historical questions away so to argue otherwise is nonsense.
Aminiel has also accepted that questions in Television and Media and Box sets are Limited to the English speaking market so having just 1 of those subjects makes more sense.

There is something I have gained with posting this topic Nikola! It appears that you don't offer anything constructive to this topic as usual. It appears you just enjoy annoying others so I should not be surprised. Least I can say I am doing my job.

34. Nikola,

Yep, I am definitely annoying others by having a different opinion from yours. Well, I'm done annoying others and best of luck to the laughable team of 2 persons which by the way only exists in the English playroom and in no other part. You can at least now see why Aminiel can't trust anyone here.

Zuletzt geändert von Nikola, Nov 12 2017 13:04:49

35. YNWA,

What about the Spannish Part? Do you think they are all working too? They have almost come to a standstill and that is why we are now just 2000 behind. As usual you do not know what you are talking about. For the record I have been told that the Spanish quiz party is not as proffessional as the English version of quiz party. My information is the quiz party is very good and the Italians I do not know but they have far too many questions awaiting validation. Sadly some people are bitter and do not want to debate the facts properly.

Well if Aminiel does not accept our proposals that have been set out reasonably it means we will not submit questions that do not fall into any of the existing categories. We will try our best to fit questions in but we are not going to make quiz party look strange. I agree enough has been said on the matter.

36. Nikola,

Sure, go ahead and comment on both the italian and spanish even if you don't play them, just by looking at numbers which are the least important thing. Both of them started much earlier, and I see nothing wrong in having a lot of questions waiting for validation. Just for the info, not all of them have to actively work on it, but it's still for sure more than 2.

37. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I can't imagine how it'd be like if you were an admin

38. Nikola,

Fun times. In any case, I also forgot to mention that quiz party is one of the most popular games in the Spanish playroom, so there goes that unneeded comment about theirs not being as proffessional.

39. Cristina,

It's so childish to compare ourselves to the others, or to say, we are better, we know better, we are more experienced, or even "Spanish quiz party is not as proffessional as the English version of quiz party".

I think none from that server or any other server would like to hear this.

Then, maybe some people should think twice before they state something like that.

It would be also nice and polite to respect and accept Aminiel's answers to our requests. To insist a lot, over and over, makes us to look ridiculous.

However, if any of us want to laugh a bit, then we can enter and read some topics or comments from here, they often look like a great comedy. :D

40. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I can't really see what's wrong with you. If you at first asked people for their opinions and so that we all can solve the issue together it'd have been better than you having to move and order questions by your wish just because you think you are experienced.

41. Nikola,

So people, I am currently shocked at what this immature person now does. Expect a private message from him if you disagreed on his topic. I was in private told how i am nobody and he wont answer to me, and asked me if i still want quiz party in english. After telling him that if he no longer works on quiz party that doesn't mean nobody else can't, i got a message that says exactly this: YNWA says to Nikola: what other bugger would do it.
All i need to say is, you buggers, stop complaining and let ynwa do his job, because we have no right to complain. I wont say anything else even though Aminiel might love to know that he goes on saying bad things about helpers and how they aren't qualified to work on the quiz as well as making up private conversations with them that didn't exist, or how in his opinion Aminiel changes opinions like the weather.

42. the-raven,

What I don’t understand here is that people point out that they don’t agree with the decisions you make. To me, if you want to make a good quiz, the only way to do it is by listening to the ones who play it, and not only focusing on your own ideas and experience. What point is there in having a so-called professional looking quiz if people don’t agree with the format and structure? As Aminiel pointed out, there are a lot of reasoning about not just including too culture-specific questions about English-speaking countries, since the majority of people playing the quiz won’t have a chance or an interest in the questions. Of course you may in some situations need to delete a few questions in cases where they won’t work or where they already are included in the game. But the main point is to include the kind of questions that most people would agree upon. Further more, it seems people don’t agree about the suggested categories, and since it doesn’t seem that their criticism is respected, it may be a good idea to come up with our own suggestions and choose the suggestion that most people can agree upon if that is the best way to solve the problem with the validators (of course only if people think it is a good idea to change the categories in the first place). Here ggoes, my suggestion.

1: Science
2: nature and anatomy
3: geography
4: history and politics
5: technology and games
6: music
7: sport and hobbies
8: literature
9: cinema
10: television and media
11: traditions and beliefs
12: arts and theatre
13: cooking and gastronomy
14: languages and human sciences
15: pot luck/famous people

As I see it, the main reason for making a pot luck category would be that people ask questions about a certain person’s profession, and by doing that, you already give the answer away by choosing a certain category. Therefore, it may be a good idea to solve the problem by creating a famous people category and thereby excluding a pot luck category, since it seems to me that a lot of people don’t think that a pot luck category is a good Idea.
Just my thoughts.
Kind regards,

43. AmineTrichine,

TBH, I was following every single quiz party topic and I expected this to happen, so yeah, not that shocked really.

44. Nikola,

The raven, i love your category ideas, with some comments. Connecting technology and games does make much more sense than sports, the only problem with that is that the category isn't only related to computer games, although i guess it can still work. Also, famous people as well as the reasoning behind completely makes sense and I personally think that could work very well. Good suggestions, hopefully Aminiel didn't give up on this topic and can hopefully see a few constructive posts.

45. the-raven,

thank you. I hope this will end up being more constructive since we don't get anywhere by arguing like this. :)

46. Mayank ,

And why exactly does this topic require you to imagine anyone as admin. That's not what YNWA has been talking about here. You guys have been drifting out from the real topic that is the categories. Yes I can see people reading what they want to read out of those messages.

There's a team already in place, so I don't see where is there a problem. Targeting just a few things that the original post said doesn't show that either of you are actually talking about the point that is raised.
Who is usurping the authority here? Aminiel agreed to some of the points raised by Ynwa, and gave a logical reasoning. And I see that most of the people not having responded to what he said but rather carry on picking random things from ynwa's messages.

Right, there's something good in place. We don't mean to mess it up. It's just to make it a little better than it is. And I don't see why would want to compare to the other languages. the categories have been inherited but this is still the English server where, as aminiel said, there is no one common language or culture.

This is not just one validator, who has been working quite a lot to make the quiz the best possible. Yes, I'm praising, but this is my first time, right?
The team has to follow some guidelines when forming the quiz and the quiz questions. You have to take some decisions that all would like as the team has tried to make it international. The categories are mixed up already and forming those clear lines becomes a tough job.
I see some of the criticism has just been being bitter towards the OP at the same time

Ynwa, I hope I understand the category of pot luck as compared to what I initially thought. I'll propose a better alternative if I can. Though there certainly have been questions that people submitting and the ones validating haven't been sure where to put.
I would agree with what most of the people are saying for the sports category. It should not be mixed with games. You could have games entertainment hobbies separate, as Sports is quite broad in itself as you know. And I don't agree when you say Sports and games are the same. Their not.

Aminiel, would you need centralise the TV categories if you want to keep them? I can propose number of Indian tv soaps which even I don't like watching. But nobody is going to be interested in them, nor many would know about them. That's why it's been centered around TV shows in the US and UK, or which are English
Though would propose the two TV categories be murged.

Nena, had moved away before posting so just saw your message. Those are good categories. Looking over them now.
But why games with Tech. Isn't it better to stay with science technology, games and hobbies, and sports as three categories?

47. the-raven,

I thought that games and technology would be a reasonable category because there aren't that many questions in the games category, and i dont think sciences and technology necessarily have too much in common, plus we will need 15 categories in total. but just my thoughts :)

48. Mayank ,

True. there are less questions in the category.
Still, isn't technology an application of science? I see more common threads there, and they would overlap with some questions that it would be hard to separate them.
Just my thoughts. Don't see a clear link between games and technology.

49. the-raven,

good point. Depends on what people generally think. I would include computer games in said categories and maybe other games in the sports and hobbies section.

Zuletzt geändert von the-raven, Nov 12 2017 17:41:53

50. Nikola,

Well, Cocoa mentioned ynwa being an admin I believe due to the way he was responding to people, but that's not so important. In fact, there's nothing wrong with people praising ynwa for what he did. I just can't understand how can someone praise himself, but that's another issue alltogether. In regards to the original topic, Ynwa didn't answer too much to what aminiel has said either, just repeated his suggestions once more. The raven is apsolutely right that we can get nothing from just arguing like this. The biggest issue unfortunately with English quiz is the large number of players from all over the world. I'm thinking that maybe some kind of new category could be introduced called worl facts in which players can submit questions about their countries to make the quiz even more fun and enjoyable for everybody.

51. the-raven,

good idea. I was thinking about changing the tradition and belieffs category to culture and religion just to be able to include questionsabout different cultures, but i like this idea.

52. Cristina,

Theatre fit into arth category. So why would we have arth and theatre and not as it is now?

Moreover, if I want to submit questions about perfumes, clothing and fashion where could I put them if there's no creation category?

Perhaps in the category pot luck-faimous people, which for me it sounds quite weird.

In my opinion, history and politic could go into same category. The others are ok, so there's no need to make any changes.

In television and media category, I would like to find questions about tw channels from all over the world, like Aljazeera, CNN, BBC... and in media about newspapers.

For example questions like: when those were fondate? By who? in In which country? And so on.

53. the-raven,

I would call it either pot luck or famous people. I only suggested arts and theatre to specify which questions should be included in said category. I think fassion and perfumes and so on could still go into that ccategory.

54. Mayank ,


Games are not just computer games though. Would include more things.
If you'll include the rest in Sports and hobbies then we come back to the same point, of mixing Sports and Games.


I think it's more important to be open to international questions in other categories than creating a new category all together. What specific world facts are we talking about? And do the other categories only be limited to the English speaking countries?

Cristina, I think that could safely be put in arts I think

55. the-raven,

you're right. Just didnt know where to include them otherwise.

56. Nikola,

While i for myself would love it to be as you suggested that other categories have questions from other countries, it has already been said that it categories could become too boring that way for people and that the English quiz should focus on UK and US questions which is expected and understandable and that's why I suggested that other category to be specific possibly to the English quiz to make the quiz more interesting for people who come to English plaroom from different countries.

57. YNWA,

Most of the questions you already suggest are already in the quiz. For example there are questions where would you find this Newspaper and that newspaper. Many subjects are already covered and that is why we did not touch most categories like Arts and Creations or cooking and Gastronomy. If you look they cover many questions round the world. Geography is the same. . Putting Television and Media and Box sets and Cartoons together makes sense for reasons already stated. I have to disagree that Games and Entertainments and Sport don't go together. Chess, Snooker, Darts, Biliards, fishing, ten-pin bowling, Croquet, Pool are all games of some sort as well as the traditional sports. Backgammon, Monopoly are board games and of course you get card games and computer games. All linked by games. The games section have been inflated to make up the numbers and that is why it is a weak category that will be very difficult to grow further. the team do not have a great knowledge when it comes to games. How long do you spend on validating a question? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even 30? Will your question be on the first page of google, the 10th or even further back. If you do locate the website quickly enough how much do you have to read be for you find the right answer. Those are the reasons for wanting to merge these categories to make a really strong category.

I do like your suggestion of world facts Nikola, I am interested in very interesting trivia and I am sure people would like to see things and think "Really, I never knew that, wow!" Some of these categorys could come under nature, and others could come under geography or perhaps other subjects and sometimes interesting 'world facts' don't come under any of the categories we have. This is the reason why we require Pot Luck as we know whatever question is sent in the question will find a home in Quiz Party.

World facts are interesting but they can be already put into the quiz. Remember Aminiel wants 15 categories. Merlin and I have debated points. Even from some suggestions I have seen people have pointed out if a person has changed the category Y they are asked where will x go then? As you can see all categories will be covered. Under our suggestion we will have a place for Categories that people may think of that will never have enough to cover its own category.

Nina that is why We wanted pot luck so we could put questions in about famous people and say are they a sports person, musician, artist or scientist for example.

People have tended to send in questions about their own country, I can understand that but you cannot cover every capital, flag, national flower, national day, national sport and so on. You make a selection, and of course you can make errors but you are only human.

It was sad to see the trolls writing about me, with out my efforts no quiz so remember that, one day you may appreciate that. I do my job and do it to the best of my ability. If you really don't want me working on this quiz any more then I am more than happy for someone better to take over. Perhaps you then will understand some of the problems that are involved in such a quiz like this.

Zuletzt geändert von YNWA, Nov 13 2017 00:48:05

58. Nikola,

Yes, indeed I noticed some audio game questions are very wrong. Well I do play games a lot and could help with those if needed. I'll also probably signal the ones I find.

59. YNWA,

That will be a help Nikola thanks. Remember reporting errors in question helps Quiz Party become even better.

I would just like to point out a couple of points that people have made or were missed.
Cristina we cannot just take questions as being correct upon validation. Everybody is human and makes mistakes, distraction, lack of consentration are just a few reasons why people have to look back at questions. Sometimes the answer changes. I had a lovely question about the Indian Embasy but I had to scrap the question when I googled. It gave an English address but they must have changed it to an Indian one the same year (2016) the book was published. If we never made mistakes Aminiel would not have bothered to immplament the flagging system. If people can make spelling, grammar, give wrong answers and bad options then why can't they not validate questions that are either bad or should not be in the quiz. Sometimes we get sent questions that are opinions, of course we can't have that in the quiz. More than one time I have deleted who is the best footballer in the world? That is subjective upon who you ask, Some will say ronaldo, some will say Messi and I hope some will say YNWA lol not that I play now, not unless someone else wants to do the running. Anybody can send in questions they can send 100 plus on ants if they want but does someone really want 1 in 7 of their Nature and Anatomy questions about ants? What if I sent in 100 Questions about Liverpool football club and for some reason Mayank does the same. Would you really want them all in the quiz?

Nikola said that there were too many American sports in the Sports section. The team individually validate questions. We don't have sub sections in the quiz so cannot say there is for example 50 questions on football, 60 questions on Basketball and so on. People see a question and just validate. on one hand it would be good if we had subsections as the computer could generate a new category once a certain number of questions is reached. The down side would be extra boxes and I can tell you not good for pvalidators who want to proofread questions. What would be more helpful Aminiel is if we could choose to remove/hide by ourselves some of the colomns. For example if we could remove dates, who sent in the question and who Validated when proofreading we could go through questions much faster and make corrections much easier.

The other comment I want to make is that when making changes to categories we have to be careful. One of the reasons I went ahead with moving the Politics question was because I had more free time that weekend and I wanted to be less disruptive to the quiz as possible. I think Mayank and Nina forgot to point out to you all is we cannot make too many changes because it will disrupt Quiz Party too much. If we make too many changes then Quiz Party will have to be closed for an unknown period. The changes I suggested could have been done while the game remained available to you all. For example If we moved all the Technology from Science then someone would have had to go through all the Science and Technology questions and moving all the Technology questions.

If you moved Games and Entertainment to sport there is no such issue as you don't have to sort out the questions. If you moved Boxsets and cartoons then all the Disney Movies would of course become part of Cinema. It is much easier to sort for Disney.

Interestingly when they was talking on BBC radio Fivelive tonight they spoke of e-Sports. They are computer games that people play competitively. This one game was a 3-a-side football game involving cars. Apparently people think it could be an olympic sport in the future as it has become a huge spectator sport and watched by many millions online. Apparently it will soon become part of the Asian games. I forget the name of this game now but it does show how they are linked. two Premier League teams have teams officially.

60. balasana ,

I wanted to contribute, and would love to see a better version of QP. It's one of my favorite games here.
Currently I'm out of the country, and don't have a lot of time to debate. My opinions on the debates are reflected in the categories and notes below.

  1. history and politics
  2. geography
  3. music
  4. sports
  5. plant, animal and human biology (previously nature and anatomy; thought this sounds more clear)
  6. sience and technology (physics, chemistry, astronomy, technology etc.)
  7. language and human sciences (philosophy, psychology, linguistics etc)
  8. literature
  9. arts and creativity (painting, sculpture, theatre, dancing, fashion)
  10. cinema
  11. food and cooking
  12. Religion
  13. hobby (including games, also things like knitting,stamp collection, fishing etc)
  14. television and media (including box sets and cartoons, BBC radio drama, also print media questions that do not fit in other categories)
  15. Culture and tradition

  16. Operationally this will involve:
    *move politics questions to histry.
    *merge boxset set and cartoons with television and media
    *separate tradition questions from "tradition and believes". and create a new catagory "culture and tradition".
    Personally I'd love to see more culture questions from other countries, such as holiday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, traditional clothing, do you eat certain food with your hands or a fork etc. I think many of us here are happy to introduce fun facts about our countries to others. Agree?

No matter how the categories are defined, a question might still fit in more than one categories, or none. Let's trust the validators will do their best to get around the issue.

Aminiel, if there will be a QP2.0, my suggestion is this: when a player is to pick one of the categories, add a "general" to the current 3 choices, which means someone can choose to include a random question from the entire pull.

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