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1. YNWA,

Could people please take a little more care when writing questions they wish to send to the quiz for validation. We don't expect people to be perfect but even a small improvement will make a lot of difference to the team. This is aimed at everybody including native speakers. As Validators we are here to correct errors we find but are not expected to do everything. Some people are sending in many questions that are in non-capitals and it has been a big issue for the team, those questions require a lot of work when correcting them.

In English braille we do not use capitals even though we have a dot 6 in front of a letter to say if it is a capital letter or not. American braille uses them, I think that has been a big disadvantage for British people who learn to type after. I do not know what braille is like for other languages so cannot comment about if they use capitals or not.

Could you please add a reference to your question so
people know what you are referring too. for example and I know people know what book this question is from but not all books will be familiar to validators .

How many brothers does Hermione Granger have?

If you change it to include the book it would read:

In the Harry Potter series, How many brothers does Hermione Granger have?

It can take a huge amount of time if you try to validate a question with many errors in. From previous posts I am not sure people really understand what validating is like. I have said Aminiel it is much harder hear and that is why in the previous post we wanted to make things better for validators and users. If we can make things less time consuming then the Validator's job will be much easier.

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2. Dayan,

Dear YNWA (or not so dear) :)
I know that you validate questions and you want all as perfect as possible here but not everyone is as perfect as you are (sarcasm) and you gotta get used to the fact.
To be honest I think you would spend less time on your life stopping to correct people and trying not to be that arrogant or idk which word I can use to describe you, and if you wanted to use your time at something, you would waste less correcting the questions spellings, and you are not supposed to do everything but nobody asked you to be validator, you wanted yourself and you had to know what it would bring.
Yes, I am thankful to you and all the validators team for the hard job you do and I am sure that lots of users are as well, but really correcting spelling mistakes or grammar ones would take you less time than complaining for everything.
And look who says it, the one who uses her time of the best way (sarcasm again) but anyway. As you made a topic requesting for people to write better or to be more careful of their writing or whatever topic comes on mind, i could make one for only you (so you feel special) requesting you to stop being so... Hmm my english sucks so put whichever word fits the most.
I hope not to have a ban for this actually. Tried to be as polite and honest as I could.

3. YNWA,

There is nothing wrong with asking people to take a little more care with the questions and it was aimed at everybody and no particular group. How long should a Validator spend on a question? I am not the first team member to post on this issue or the only one of them that has not commented on the 'Quality of the question' I will let you into a secret, nobody enjoys deleting a question that people have spent time on creating. I am trying to encourage people to just take a little more time so they can make it a little better. It is easier to say if the question is bad just delete but I am trying to work with you so we can get questions from as many people as possible.

For the record I doubt if you will get banned, it is pointless anyway as I am sure you will just create another account and play as someone else. The best way to avoid that is if the playroom did not accept google and Microsoft accounts. That would punnish many people in the playroom unfairly as many can't get email adresses from their own internet providers. I am sure the helpers and Admin have better things to do than to keep checking everybody's IP to see if they create multiple accounts.

4. the-raven,

sorry, but I can't really see the issue with Ynwa's request. I guess this easily ends up in too many discussions about requests that, at least to me, seem completely valid. If we want constructive discussions or this quiz party thing going as smoothly as possible, there's no reason for discussing everything, as I'm sure this wasn't meant as a critique in any way. Sorry for being a bit harsh, but nobody gets anywhere in this way. :-)

5. Nikola,

Duplicate topic is all I will say. Perhaps Ynwa doesn't even remember anymore validators already posted about this. Also, sadly not all people submitting questions read forum.

6. YNWA,

Nikola You did not get the Job as quiz Validator so not surprised you will take every opportunity you can to post a negative comment. You are correct some people who send questions will not read this and I am sure you can be one of those to pass the word on. I know you feel you are Aminiel's self appointed spokesman so I am sure you will comment further!

7. Mazdak ,

YNWA, sorry for asking, just to know, are you a validator in here? And if you nead any help, you can tell me in your job.

8. Nikola,

Hahahaha, very laughable. Rather than answering to my point, you've chosen to say some facts you came up with. First I asked to be a validator just like anyone else, and the fact i am not means apsolutely nothing. It doesn't mean that if i'm not a validator i will destroy the quiz. I asked for that so I can help the quiz, and if i can't help it, i won't cause troubles to it either. So, if you're that bored to post weird comments like that, then your experience is null.

9. helleon,

I can't say I agree with Ynwa on everything, but this particular suggestion is more than fair. It's hardly too much to ask to make the validators' job a little simpler by making your question clear enough that they can find the answer more easily. It will also mean that the quiz will expand much quicker.

10. Nikola,

There is actually nothing wrong with the suggestion itself, and it is a good one. The thing is that there is not much point due to at least 2 reasons: 1. It has already been mentioned multiple times. 2. As i said, we don't have so much people reading forums.

11. YNWA,

If you had that attitude that people never read the forum then people would post nothing and you are not the owner so it is not your job to say who can and cannot post. You are correct though that the message will not get through to enough people but if it helps one person then that is something. I cannot post to everybody and even if I could a big percentage of people would not understand so they are getting a message for nothing. I am not targeting any individual so personal messages to people is not required as this is just a general matter. I don't just want to say to the team if you think a question is too much trouble just delete it and move on to the next one. I like to think we are friends here so if we can help people in some way then why not. I love quizzes so creating something for others appeals to me. If you want the truth then I prefer someone else to do it as all questions will be new and fresh. I could also play the game more as it would be less of a busman's honeymoon.

People can a gree or disagree with me if they want that is up to them providing any criticism is constructive and not personal. I understand the nature of this playroom and want to encourage people to send in questions as they are entitled to do so.

All you are managing to do with your personal jibes is encouraging me to say nothing. That means not letting people know where we are at, not asking for peoples suggestions. It is easier to just work on the quiz and not offer any explanations to reasonable questions that people post on the forum.

In terms of validators things have slightly changed, at the start we were looking at people who could validate questions and make them as good as they can. We found it difficult to find a person who was just excellent at proofreading. I have made no conclusion about the team yet so it is not wise to comment. My in-box is open so you can send me a few details about some of the experiences you have in Proofreading.

12. Nikola,

Ok Ok, let's not continue this anymore, better for the entire playroom. I'm not commenting on the quiz topics anymore and that's it.

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