people leaving chess games just as i am about to win or take their queen

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1. dave,

i am tired of people leaving chess games as i am about to win. it is a waste of my time and i am being robbed of a win in the rankings.

2. Dayan,

Lol it is so with all the games. To me happens quite often on miles or when I am about to win one game they restart it thinking that i won't realise, this last happens more often in farkle as they're only pressing enter and then they restart while it's their turn... Even if it's annoying I doubt that something can be done about it. Also got blocked by one person and banned by other one because I was winning at games against them :D

3. Nikola,

Can understand you as it's much more annoying in chess than any other game mentioned. Nothing can be done about it though, just block all bad chess losers and stop playing with them.

4. Hayden,

Actually. Something can be done. The solution is to follow the same conventions as does any chess server. Should one player leave the table, the other player is given credit for the win.

5. Nikola,

Could work, but there are at least 2 cases where this isn't a good idea:

  1. You and your friend play. You are pretty good friends, and noone of you would leave like those bad losers but you decide not to finish the game because one of you has to go. Now in this case most people wouldn't want to lose just because of that.
  2. Connection drops. There are no good ways to detect if someone is a bad loser, or if someone really just had a bad connection at that time so even in that case you can't give him a loss.

6. helleon,

Happens everywhere. Nothing one can do about it but block the offenders. I confess to having a slow connection myself being out here in the countryside, so I have been in situations where i've probably been damned for having to leave games, but it happens and in that situation most people are understanding.

7. Hayden,

In response to issue 1, you just add an option to set aside the game as unscored. As for option 2, being disconnected from the game does not actually kick you from the table in y experience; itjust shows you as disconnected. That being the case, the game won't adjudicate the match either way.

8. Ferrumite,

actually, it does disconnect you after something like 5 mins or so. sure your aponents can manage to reconnect in time, but they can still get disconnected.

9. Nikola,

Yep, there is a delay after which the connection times out, and if you are unlucky to reconnect fast enough then you will indeed leave the table. You should also keep in mind that this isn't a chess server, and that adding an option would be required for all games, and it is technically impossible to end all games like that.

10. keyWasFull,

in the case of option 1 can't you just save the table, or request a draw and have the friend agree to it

11. Nikola,

If the chess is the main issue here and not all other games, then yes you can always request a draw indeed. In fact, if all people were nice and good when they can't finish they would first abandon the game and leave, sadly that rarely happens unless you know the person.

12. soundarya,

There should be an option to abort the game, like it is in all major chess servers.
About disconnection, Some servers use a feature called NoEscape, and if any one of the players has it on then any player who disconnects and does not reconnect soon enough, the disconnected player loses.
If both have set NoEscape Off, then the game is adjourned if some player disconnects.
If one player intentionally disconnects in a losing position, the opponent can adjudicate it to a win, and the admins judge if the adjudication is justified.

But the fact is that I do not think that it is worth it to make so many changes in chess here on playroom, as, firstly, it would require a lot of effort, and secondly, we need many admins/helpers who can spend time spesifically for judging adjudication requests, which is highly impractical here.
Abort is a practical option, but to me it seems like there is no use of it as playroom anyway aborts automatically as soon as either player leaves.

I feel like playroom is good for friendly chess games, or to make friends, but If you are really serious about your chess, I would recommend playing in .
You can connect to the free internet chess server using winboard 4.5.2 or higher, but there is a version of winboard 4.5.2 spesifically designed for jaws and NVDA users.
So, if you want to play very serious chess, so that you should be able to report against computer abuse, disconnection abuse etc, I recommend (Internet Chess Club) is also fine, but that is not free, you need to pay and obtain a membership.

13. jason ,

agree with helleon it does happen everywhere so ya

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