More Power to PR Users

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1. Maldalain,

Please forgive my curiosity if this issue has been discussed before and there have been limited scopes of implementations. However, would you tell if it is possible to give further options to users posting and commenting on PR forums to edit or delete their posts and comments?
I am proposing this here to be implemented within the codes of the native client, not the explorer-based client.
All the best, and sorry again in advance if this has been proposed before.

2. Nikola,

Not exactly sure what do you mean with explorer-based client, but just letting you know that you can edit your messages from the website. Swleting is currently not possible and only admins can do it for you. I believe Aminiel was against allowing us to delete our messages but I can't recal the reason.

3. YNWA,

I think the argument goes, if you can create and delete topics you can put one up there to insult someone and delete it quickly when the helpers are not around. This was an issue with Free tables in the past. people would create a free table and make it private just to insult someone. You can edit your own posts right now but least now people will have to think about something before they post. Just a small tip, you can write what you want to say in notepad then post when you have finnished. This will make it easier to correct any errors or change what you want to say before you post.

4. Nikola,

That argument isn't really working. All that needs to be done is that when a topic is deleted, it goes to a hidden forum which only helpers can see and then they would be able to access deleted topics and know what was posted. Plus, we're more talking about deleting a post rather than the whole topic. Of course I agree that people should think before posting, but this isn't really always valid. By the way, notepad's text field is the same as this one here so i don't see how it is easier to correct errors if you write your post first in notepad.

5. Maldalain,

What I meant is that I would like to see an option here on the desktop client, the client that comes in installation package, that allows us to edit our posts and comments on the forums. I know the option is already there on the web client or explorer-based client, still such options that would be natively available on the desktop client would be welcome. Anyway, there might be technicalities that I am not familiar with that may prevent the implementation of this.

6. marina7,

you already can do so in the desktop client, but you can't edit, this is what has been suggested before but we got no clear answer.

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7. Jeff-Rutkowski,

Wow. I just thought about this before stumbling upon this post.
I'd love that option seeing as how the forum accessible from within the desktop version of the playroom is a lot easier to navigate than the one on the website.
An edit option would be simple to add since Quentin did create this entire gaming platform and if he doesn't want to add the option from within the forum menu itself, there could be an application menu with that and room for more options to be added.
I'm just putting in my two cents even though this post probably won't go anywhere.

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