Is there any thought of adding some simple grafics?

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1. TBlaze,

I know this is mostly used by us blind people, but it would be nice to be able to invite some sighted friends to play. I think some very simple grafic for some of the games would be enough. thank you for taking the time to read this.

2. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Some basic graphics for most games do already exist don't they?

3. Kotoamatsukami,

I thought just board games have some better graphic, it would be nice if cards would really have cards look and not just text

4. Ferrumite,

I also herd that board games have some simple graphics, with the exception of monopoly. About cards, although graphics for games such as Skopa, spades, hearts, etc, where there is the standard 52 card deck, it should be easy, but for instants 1000 miles it mite not be as easy.

5. YNWA,

There are some of the games such as Chess, Backgammon, Battleships and Connect 4 that have a visual board. I can see Connect 4 and it is very good but if I play it and look at it it makes my head bad so I stay away from that game apart from the odd one. Sighted people can and do play here and they can use it fine. True I guess they may not want to play it all the time but they can with their friends. I don't see the need for Monopoly to be visual and the numbers for cards are good enough. I can't speak for partially sighted people as to what advantage they would have so they would have to let us know.

6. Kotoamatsukami,

Well, as I was sighted I can say it would be extremely boring to look at numbers and play. Better anymation can only bring better things nothing worse. Nobody can tell me that sighted people like only text.

7. Nikola,

The topic was discussed before and the conclusion is that as a blind person, doing graphics is pretty hard and Aminiel would need somebody sighted to help. If we consider that RS is completely unplayable by sighted people and PR has visual grids in chess, battleship, connect4 and reversy then I do think there are better priorities to do than adding graphics for a few users who might play here occasionally. There are so many clients that somebody sighted would not spend as much time on here anyways.

8. YNWA,

It is possible for sighted people to play in RS as I know of at least one person who did so as it converted everything into text. I do agree it would not be the best for them but it is playable. Yes Aminiel would need help and has done very well with what he has done.

9. Nikola,

RS does not have visible text. If somebody sighted played they must have used sapi. Just try starting it with no screen reader and you will see it defaults to sapi and has no way to turn it off.

10. Fawaz,

Well ya, I play Connect4 here with my sighted friends, but even dominos just text as well as other card games.
I understand it will be hard to implement as a blind programmer, but if it has done that will be awesome.
best wishes.

11. TBlaze,

I understand that it won’t be easy to make some graphics. It would be nice to have them for some of the carD games specially uno, as well as dominoes. Someone mentioned that sighted people have many options, and probably won’t hang around and play. My answer to that is that they do, but we don’t. And sometimes we want to play with some of our cited friends. And I know from asking, that some very simple graphics would be enough. Even if the developers need some help I’m sure we could find someone who is willing to provide that.

12. YNWA,

I think the person used a mac so got everything via written text but don't know how.

13. Nikola,

Ok on Mac it might indeed be possible, I talked about Windows.

14. supanut2000,

I certainly agree for there to be some graphics. OnToys does use standard Windows controls and buttons along with graphics in its games while remaining totally accessible. True graphics does exist in Playroom, but only with some board games; it would be cool if graphics are present in more games, for example displaying the Monopoly board graphically instead of list of spaces.

15. HVACSalesman,

It's a great idea, and this is probably one of those projects that will take two to three years to implement because of complexity.. Lack of eye sight by programmer, the coding involved, amount of server space graphics uses, etc. I am no programmer, however.

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