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1. Nikola,

Hello all. I have the following suggestion: When a topic is created, if it is not active for a month meaning that nobody posted to it, it should automatically be closed. The reason for this is that often, somebody who did not read forums for a while replies to already solved topics and it does not really add anything useful and just spams the recent topics list. If something really useful needs to be posted on an old topic, an user can always ask an admin or a helper to re open it, though in most cases topics on this forum do not need to last that long.

2. Kotoamatsukami,

???? thanks for this suggestion, hopefully Aminiel will love it just as much as I do. ????

3. helleon,

I agree totally also. Great suggestion

4. StormProductions,

Yeah, agreed. I was unable to read the forum for like two months then when I came back I started searching for the topics and answer to them without even looking at their creation date.

5. sound2,

Personally I'm not sure if it will work. The forums could stil get spammed. It also depends what you would call a useful topic.

6. Nikola,

I am not talking about somebody intentionally spamming the forum just to do it. There are other systems in place for that. I was talking about the list of recent topics being spammed with topics which already lost their purpose and somebody just randomly decides to reply. About useful topics, I ment more like useful replies to a topic. Let's say we are talking about a bug report and the bug in question is solved. Why would anybody reply a month later to that? There are actually countless examples of that.

7. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Yeah good suggestion.

8. YNWA,

The Helpers can do that now if they feel the need to do so, it is hardly a huge problem or that important.

9. Sajad-Aliraqi,

YNWA said it is unimportant you should respect it and do not argue.
I loved this suggestion but you know it's hardly needed. someone should get it :D

10. Dayan,

@YNWA, I didn't understand you very well, can you give me an example with the words "quiz party" included? Thank you.

11. YNWA,

Thanks for that diana.cician

12. Nikola,

I am trying to understand what can helpers do. Close each topic after a month? Wouldn't it be easier if it was automatic? Just asking.

13. Everyone,

I agree with YNWA. Its not really worth the extra headache to code or for the helpers. Plus, its not like we get 20 new topics on the forum every day.

14. Cristina,

Nicola meant to close the old topics cuz many people revive them even if they have nothing important to add to those.
At least, I've understand this and I agree with his suggestion.

15. Kotoamatsukami,

Making old topics alive again is pointless, Nikola gave understandable arguments why this should be done. It's your turn people give a reason why it should not be done, it is not a problem if we get old topic returned is not enough strong argument, I hope all of you get that.

16. Nikola,

Plus it is really not my issue if it is or is not hard to code nor is it yours and why do people mention that is beyond me. Do you have the source code and know how it is structured? Aminiel is the only person who can tell us no this cannot be done because it is really hard to code and I do not have the time to do that now. Personally I do not think such a thing is so hard to code but it all depends and that is why making such comments really has no point. When we are talking about new games, sure you can get an imagination on whether a game is really easy or hard to code. However, we do not know anything about how the forum is coded and thus cannot know how hard are additions to it.

17. Everyone,

I did not say it is hard to code; I implied it takes time to code which could be better spent on other things. Code does not magically appear out of thin air, you don't need to be proficient in coding to know this. So we must ask ourselves the question: is it worth it to implement this just so that you don't have to read a message, or skip it, which takes up literally three seconds of your time, if even that. It could also result in topics being duplicated because the previous one was closed, which quite frankly is just as bad.
In other words, the gain is simply not enough in my opinion.

18. YNWA,

Exactly. Nikola sometimes you do take things too seriously and appear to be over agressive when the forum is for a debate and nothing else. Maybe if you really want it that badly you can send in a donation in return. It is not as if you are a shareholder who will lose out if your suggestions are not fully accepted.

19. Nikola,

Yes I will send donations when I see a message on the front page telling us that in order for our suggestions to be taken into consideration we must donate. Until that, I wont take anything aggressively and will send my opinions on the forum. As for coding the feature, I doupt Aminiel focuses on one feature when making an update so that time is spend on that feature alone and thus wasted for some people. That feature can be part of a bigger update and be a minor addition. Plus I did not write that it needs to happen in a specific timeframe, it can happen in a month or in a year, it was just a suggestion which can be accepted or refused. I do wish however that there was a private way to suggest things, this forum is getting way too flooded with personal arguments as can be seen in post 11 of this topic.

20. Everyone,

For someone who apparently has problems with arguments, you sure argue a lot... heh.

21. Nikola,

Well that seems to be the only way to suggest something in here.

22. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Welcome to the forum, here is where some type of people gather together to show how conscious they are trying to be and not to forget imposing their personalities. Rule number 0, you have to be clever with your words not sure for what damn reason. off seriously guys, this forum is not to share only opinions, I mean if we disagree so why not keep it for ourselves? It is a suggestion so it's really over redundant how someone would comment saying this can be done and this can't, or you have to do that and this. In another topic I have seen YNWA saying that Nikola is trying to sound like he owns the playroom, while he, YNWA, confused himself with Nikola in a reply about donations replies ago.
I personaly see no reason why Nikola's suggestion would be bad or refused, and even if it would be refused so what. Would it be the end of life? No. Would the playroom fall apart? Damn no. So what's this ranting all about. Just like other suggestions it can be accepted it can be not. Personality imposers please put yourself off the way and leave people in peace. There is no single screwed damn thing that needs an argument

23. Everyone,

I'm pretty sure email is always an option if you'd like to suggest something in a somewhat less public place.

24. Nikola,

Yeah I have done that in the past actually, but not sure how often that is checked as I have seen Aminiel reply more to forums than to emails.

25. Aminiel,


Actually there is already a warning. It appears when clicking on the post answer if the last post is more than one month old. It asks you the following: "The last reply in this topic is more than one month old. Do you really want to post ?".

However, it doesn't seem to have a great effect. From time to time, whether or not this warning is present, there is always someone to post an useless answer like "+1", "me too", "good suggestion" or "I like it" without another new idea or argumentation to all of the 15 or 20 topic that are on top of the recent list, regardless of the last post date. This is true both for the french and the English forum.

Zuletzt geändert von Aminiel, Jun 17 2018 21:54:17

26. Sajad-Aliraqi,

@Aminiel you can maybe do something like when the topic has the fraze (solved) with parens it will be automaticly closed for replies. So that when a problem is solved the owner can edit the topic name and put (solved) in it

27. Nikola,

Hey I really like Sajad's idea, it is what I always try to do for my bug reports anyways ie. put solved in the subject when they are resolved. To Aminiel: I am aware of this warning, however no such warnings display if you access the forum using Windows client, so a lot of people wont notice the warning.

28. sound2,

I've never come across this warning. Although I'm using the client.

29. Dayan,

I just realised @YNWA called me as Diana.Cician, was it serious, lol? And why to name users here who have nothing to do with the topic? Sorry guys for changing it, but as it happened on here...

30. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Or another thing to make it just enough, is that there has to be a privacy box with the options, when you edit your post you have to see something like privacy and you choose whether it should be open or closed. If you choose closed it will be closed to replies and that action no one should be able to undo it, not even the topic poster

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