question about streaming in browser client

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1. dmitriy ,

Can we stream and play the media which is being streamed from the web client? The ctrl+p key doesn't work because it opens the print dialog. Thank you.

2. Nikola,

Hi. When it comes to incompatible shortcut, you should be able to tap once from the game section and see a context menu which dinamiclaly changes depending on where you are. If you arrow down through this menu, you should see an option called start/stop an audio stream. Press it and if you are the table master, it will allow you to type an URL address. If not, it will try to play the stream. When it comes to playing media, this depends on the browser you use. Some browsers have issues with some file formats, for example as far as I am aware Internet explorer cannot play OGG files.

3. helleon,

IE can play .ogg files as far as I'm aware.

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