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31. Nikola,

Just saying, but every forum I am on has that stat of the number of messages posted, and it is visible to everybody. I could call you a loser based on game stats so should we not have that too? That's a silly reasoning, and plus this was never meant to be a general statistics topic.

32. helleon,

I stand by my suggestion, although I know I mentioned it before. Give the people the option, put a checkbox and leave it there. Lots of sites have it, and it works well.

33. Aminiel,

For the stats about your number of posts, there are two reaspons why I didn't put the information under each post, as many forums do:

34. YNWA,

This example about the number of posts agreed not important but was making an example. I have seen much more sinister abuses of the statistics.

35. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The I have seen doesn't identify what is the issue that's been seen

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