Private messages mixing with friend notifications channel

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1. Pavkov,

Hello there, I was wondering if Aminiel could separate notifications of leaving and entering playroom of your friends from channel 4, which is for private messages. If I am away from my pc for some time and I want to check quickly if somebody wrote a pm to me it is almost impossible because there are tons of notifications who left and who entered the playroom.

2. AmineTrichine,

you can already do it, by going to options reading and appearence customise view private messages, and then uncheck friends from there. HTH

3. Pavkov,

Thanks, this helped!

4. BellaCat6666,

You can also press alt and the 4 key then pages up or down buttons that is another way to do this.

5. AmineTrichine,

that is not what he was talking about. If you press alt four, by default you would still see the friends notifications. You'd have to disable it from options.

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