Skype upgrade?

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1. balasana,

Saw a topic a while back here on Skype accessibility. Haven't used the PC version for a while, and today I noticed an upgrade notification. Is it safe to upgrade without losing accessibility? I'm using win10.
Thanks in advance.

2. Nikola,

If you do not mind getting used to a different interface, then yes, it is safe. According to Microsoft, you will have to ubgrade tomorrow anyways but we will see how that goes. The new app isn't horrible, it takes some time to get used to but when you do it works just fine.

3. YNWA,

On the Jaws podcast they suggested that people download version 8 and not the windows 10 version for accessibility, They also said that the switch off of version 7 had been delayed but people could not downloade it from their site.

4. Nikola,

Yes, that is the exact version you will get if you ubgrade directly from Skype classic. Also, the switch was indeed delayed, but then as I heard Microsoft changed that decision again, though nobody can know for sure until it happens. On the Skype blog it is stated that classic Skype will be replaced on the 1st of september.

5. balasana,

Thanks for the info. I don’t mind new interface now that you said it’s accessible. So do I need to install different Jaws scripts to make it easier to use? I will need to use it quite often from now on.

6. Nikola,

If you use Jaws, make sure to get the latest 2018 update. It has some improvements for Skype, and you can read on them if you visit
Scroll down to the heading which says, Enhancements in JAWS 2018.1808.10 (August 2018) and read from there. I also recommend reading this entry on the Freedom scientific blog post.

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7. balasana,

Thanks for the info Nicola. It's more promising now after I upgraded. I used not to see Skype text because of some odd issue but now all is fixed!

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