Force junking in web client?

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1. kumandan,

I am using iOS latest version with voiceover. When I triple tap a card on 1000 miles it doesn't work. Is it supposed to be triple tap or something else? Double tapping and holding on the card doesn't work either.

2. helleon,

Have a hunch you're mixing up QC with the Blindfold RS Games application.

3. kumandan,

I'm not mixing them up... Someone told me to do a triple tap to force junk. I don't know what else to do.

4. Aminiel,

Normally, triple tap should open a menu, from which you can force junk.

5. marina7,

hello, I think this is an iOS problem, I am not sure but I also noticed that in the facebook app I couldn't display the group menu options from outside anymore.

6. kumandan,

We triple tap the card right? Tried it more than once and didn't work. Javascript is enabled.

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