Are statistics for some games incorrect?

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1. Nikola,

Hello, so in my statistics i have 2 questions: 1000 miles
Without bots
•Number of rounds played: 7
•Wins: 3
•Losses: 4
•Draws: 2.
What does this mean? How can i have 7 games, 3 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws? Isn't that 9?
Ninety nine
Without bots
•Number of games played: 9
•Wins: 3
•Losses: 1
•Ended: 4.
Again, how is this possible? Firstly what does ended mean? Are those games that I left or something like that? Even if that was the case, 3+1+4 is 8, not 9.

2. helleon,

I am not sure about Ninety-Nine, but in the case of 1000 miles, I believe a "draw" refers to a game where the card deck is empty before the end of the game when the rules are set so that the deck is not reshuffled. Therefore, the game ends, but there is still a winner.

3. Nikola,

Well not sure, but that happens in one round so the game isn't really counted as draw. If that's the case i don't know why is that counted, i see no importance for someone to see rounds in which the card deck was empty.

4. AmineTrichine,

doesn't it count the times you played but didn't finish the game? Like disconnected in the middel of it for example?
how are you supposed to get a draw in one k miles anyway?

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5. Aminiel,

IN the normal rules of 1000 miles, the game ends when the draw pile is empty and when everybody has exhausted all his cards. Although most of the people create a new draw pile out of junked cards, officially we aren't supposed to. At that point if nobody reached 1000 miles, the game is of course draw.
Most people also play allowing multiple problems; in the true game, you can't attack someone if he's already stopped.

More generally to answer to the initial question, I know that there are a few issues with statistics. I don't always know where it comes from. For example, a few people have more than 25 points in average per round at hearts, when it is in fact totally impossible. What you say about 1000 miles should also never have happened. I know of many small bugs like these, they aren't of very high importance.
For ninety nine though, the number of ended rounds represent the number of times you finished a round without winning and without losing.

6. Nikola,

Oh OK, thanks for your answer. I knew what are standard rules in 1000 miles and I hate when someone doesn't use them, it can make the game infinitely long.

7. Aminiel,

There is a protection against infinite rounds, implemented in multiple titles: if you go through the draw pile 3 times and nobody played something useful, then the game is also draw.

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