windows diffender deleting the windows client of playroom

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1. Fawaz,

After formatting my computer, came to the website to download Playroom. but I was shocked to see windows defender deleting the setup file each time I download it, giving me this notification:
Threats found. Windows Defender Antivirus found threats. and also not letting me download it anymore, saying that file has been deleted because of threats.
so how to fix this? Should I disable the protection?
best regards.

2. Mazdak ,

retarded defender, it was deleted a bunch of stuffs from my harddrive, it damaged all things what ever I had, whether apps or another document files. If any of you knows a way to disable this thing, please let me know. I have disabled it with all ways you know, services.msc, control pannel etc etc etc, even there was a file which was disabling defender, but the problem is after the next reboot it turns on again. I have this issue with many windows versions and types. It really annoied me. I'm searching a way for disable/delete it forever which after installing windows it won't be enabled even once. It was saying windows defender found some malwhere on your harddrive, though I'm quite sure there was no virus on my system. The only reason why I hate windows 10 is this damn defender,

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3. Nikola,

Hello. Windows defender gives some false positives. You can do one of 2 things: 1. Disable it completely by using a program called winaero tweaker. This program allows many useful windows tweaks, and one of them has an option to disable defender. 2. Make a folder called excluded files, add it to the windows defender exclusions list and put false positives it detects there.

4. Mazdak ,

I refuse number two, because I might download new stuffs and forget to put into that folder, look, there was a reg file which was for disabling defender, after running and putting it into the registery, it disables defender, but after the next reboot it turns on again. If you are sure that application disables defender completely and it will no longer be enable after the next reboot or anything, please shoot me the link here and tell me a bit about how can we use it. Thank you in advance, I will pray you if you help me on that way. I don't want defender turns on with any way and with any system causes, I will accept the risks, because I don't currently have windows 10, and I have no antivirus on my system, I have no problem unless I connect an infected flash or harddrive or such things that I don't nead to.

5. Nikola,

The link is: and the program is just a tree view together with buttons and you should be ab le to get along pretty fine without issues. If you don't let me know and I can write further instructions. Also, it's definitely not going to re enable any time even when windows updates as I use that myself and can confirm.

6. Mazdak ,

Wow, so good and I can receive newest updates without any issues. Thank you in advance. And may I use this program durring the installing windows? I'm afraid that when windows installs and booted, before I install NVDA or something and before using this program, windows defender deletes some of my files again.

7. Nikola,

Well, you can use the program whenever you want after installing windows.

8. Fawaz,

I excluded file type '.exe" then installed the client, then removed the exception.
still I guess the developer needs to look into this issue ferther.

9. Nikola,

I am not sure if false positives can be reported somehow, though there's not too much Aminiel can do. A lot of games are being flagged as false positives recently.
Edit: OK, just checked and you indeed can report false positives. Will report the playroom client as false positive soon.

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10. Mazdak ,

Well Nikola, when installing the windows finished, I have to wait a few minutes untill windows loads properly, other than, If I run the narrator and find the program and run it, all of these requires some minute, for example, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Durring this minutes, I'm afraid that defender deletes some of my files before I do anything and install that program. If there was a way to custom the windows files which that program installs with windows, durring installing the windows was good if we was be able to. Sorry for my bad English, I hope that I could tell you what am I exactly mean.

11. Nikola,

I get what you mean, however it is a bit more advanced to get programs installed together with windows. It should not be a big deal however, as defender deletes files only whenn running them.

12. Mazdak ,

Btw, nikola there is a laptop with 2 GB of ram here, and the mother borde is Ddr3. As your idea, can I install windows 10 on it? If yes, 32 bit or 64? For the best windows spead, the spead is verry important. If it makes this laptop slow, I prefer stay on this windows which is currently running.

13. Nikola,

Well, I can't tell you based entirely on RAM. I've had a laptop with 2 GB of RAM, and i was running x64 version of win 10. It is slower, but certainly possible. I always recommend 64 bit unless your processor is older and can't support it.

14. Mazdak ,

My CPU is based on 64 bit windows, but not sure if it works properly or not.

15. Aminiel,

Unfortunately I can't do much about this.
Several other games I know of are also sometimes considered as viruses, for example crazy party, ultrapower, STW, etc.

The procesure to be safe at all times isn't that complicated, but it's very annoying:

  1. Disable the anti-virus for a while
  2. Add an exception / add qcgc.exe in the white list of program that don't need to be scanned
  3. Re-enable your anti-virus when done

As far as I understand, it happens because of two things:

Acquiring a certificate and signing executables with it costs money. You have to pay each year to keep the certificate renewed and thus safe and valid.
That's mainly why I don't do it and why almost no audiogames do it, unless they can afford it.
If you do a lot more donations, perhaps we will be able to afford it one day; currently it's not the case at all.

The second point is reputation. If a software is downloaded and used a lot, then it probably means that it is free of anything bad, though it hasn't been signed. Conversely, a software you are alone or too few to run, or which you have downloaded on an uncommon website may indicate that you have taken an infected version.
The problem here is that nobody knows exactly what is a lot: 100 users ? 1000 ? 10000 ? 100000 ? even more ?
No antivirus clearly specifiy it and in fact they couldn't really, otherwise knowing the number give information for those who want to break the verifications.

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