Any Playroom Users can't install Playroom Client for Windows.

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1. emre,

Hi dear. I and everybody, can't install Playroom. Because Windows Defender and a lot of security softwares to found a serious trojan this file. We are downloading QCSALON Website. Please interest this problem.

2. Nikola,

What is the problem? You just need to add the client to your anti virus exceptions list.

3. emre,

Hi dear. With Windows Defender, we can't add serious objects. Kaspersky too. Why is it doing?

4. bloodsharp,

hello, this happens with a lot of games, you just have to put it on your exclution list there isn't actualy a trojan in it thanks

5. Nikola,

You actually can add a folder or a file in defender's exclusion list. If you let me know the exact detection name defender gives you, i would be happy to report it as a false positive.

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