A possible bug related to doubling the score in backgammon

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1. Adventure-Time,

Dear Aminiel,
Backgammon has been one of my favourite games for a long time now and I would like to thank you for adding it to the list, but there is a major problem with how the doubling cube behaves and in my opinion it's unwanted and should be fixed. (I'm talking about doubling the stack with ctrl +D). How it should work is that once you agree to double the score and eventually lose the game, the opponent gets double amound of points depending on the situation, e.k. 2 points for bearing off first, 4 points for making a gammon, 6 points for a backgammon. This is correct. However, should you say not to double and give up, the opponent should never optain more than 1 point if the score wasn't doubled, 2 points if the cube was used once, 4 if again and so on. The gammon and backgammon bonuses shouldn't apply, so even if you give up before bringing your men from opponent's home, it's incorrect when it's being counted like backgammon. Currently this can be abused and reduces one great strategic element of the game.
Could you please take your time to look at this issue and consider whether something can be done about it? If my post is unclear, I'll try explaining it better.
Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work!

2. Aminiel,


Thank you for signaling.

I'm not at all an expert on backgammon rules and what you have juste explained isn't really precised anywhere.
I'll see what I can do when I have time.

3. Adventure-Time,

thanks for a quick reply. True that this precise part of the rules isn't so obvious, but it can really spoil the fun right now. Especially in certain situations which I rather don't want to bring up here, but I could privately. It happens often that someone doubles and you'd prefer to avoid risking because say you're behind in the race, though if you give up you lose more points than you normally would.
I don't dare to judge how difficult it is to disallow the extra points for gammon and backgammon while resigning a double, but I'm hoping it's not that much.

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