Bug reports

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1000 Miles Bug

Tyros3 5 bob-de-huisbaas,

Signing in quentinc on Wind7.

massimo 1 Aminiel,

Chess Bugs

Pantalaimon 0 Pantalaimon,

Problems with Monopoli, using italian language

Lucrezia 2 Lucrezia,

Unable to log into the latest version (NA problem resolved itself)

silly_soda_mommy 0 silly_soda_mommy,

one thousand miles

jeanniem1 0 jeanniem1,

sounds not playing

mohithbp 1 Aminiel,

crashes after new version

splyt 0 splyt,

Regarding Battleships

kool_turk 0 kool_turk,

concerning chess, easy but important

ikramy 5 Aminiel,

window-eyes and client update

bmisch 0 bmisch,

translation mistakes

SDJNick 6 Aminiel,

Forum's link [solved]

siddharta 2 Aminiel,

Play room problem [solved]

BogdanMuresan 7 Burak,

tables not showing up

Salem 1 Aminiel,

several bugs in the game of chess

ikramy 2 siddharta,

Bug in dominos beta

Eirin 0 Eirin,

1000 Miles Error Message

wildflower 2 wildflower,

Bug in Poker Texas Holdem

markus75 0 markus75,

Bug in Chess beta. Exchanged squares [solved]

hidden 1 Aminiel,

web site bugs [solved]

SDJNick 4 keyWasFull,

client closing after logging in

carrottop1023 2 ,

game freezing

curtt 0 curtt,

bug with the client and window-eyes

bmisch 2 bmisch,

window-eyes not working

bmisch 2 bmisch,

strange behaviour

afsmel 3 Burak,

200-Miles Bug in Favour of Players [corrected]

SplendidFault 1 Aminiel,

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