This server has major issues.

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1. CathyAnne ,

The site was down for a while. People are not able to log in. please fix this. It is still telling me that the setup files are corrupted.

2. aboalhana,

please .
playroom cannot connectting..
what's rong?

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3. Fawaz,

the Problem is still, no body can't login.
good wishes for solving Problem.

4. CathyAnne ,

Well, if they don't fix this server by the end of tonight, i'm going back to Ryan Smith's Games. i don't have a whole lot of patience for developers who do these kinds of things. i am livid. NObody fixed the setup files either.!

5. bmisch,

it's working now

6. CathyAnne ,

no, it ain't. It. If i ggo to download the file and press space on run, it sends me an error message after it has verified it saying that the setup files are corrupted. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. i am absolutely, totaly, and ocmpletely serious.

7. Aminiel,

Many people manage to download the files without any problem. Additionnally, I have just tried now and the install starts normally. So the issue is yours.

Make sure you are downloading from here (and not from any unofficial mirror on sharing websites like dropbox, , 4shared, sendspace, etc.); you may also try downloading with another browser (firefox unstead of IE for example).

Never forget that we have a life beside the playroom. So we aren't there 24h/24 to make support all the time, especially if the issues you encounter aren't clearly expressed or if if it happens somewhat random. We always try to do our best in the time we have at our disposal.

If you can't accept and live with that, go no-lifing on RSG if you feel it better. Notice that they are also doing volontire work, and that they also have a life beside their games either.

For the playroom absence of yesterday, this was because an hard disk crash. Please excuse for the inconvenience, but it wasn't our fault. The problem was in our service provider's material. A big thank to zorvax, our system administrator, who made a great job restoring the data.

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8. CathyAnne ,

I am sorry. i am severely Autistic and i have a difficult time letting issues go. I will try your suggestion.

9. bmisch,

one other thing you can do is to just save the file to the pc and then run it from where you saved it.

10. Lenka,

I can't connect now.

11. moongazer ,

Kathy-anee. it's important to be's just a game.not an essential part of life, and the admin did not blatantly ignore you, I think it's important to respect and not talk shit right here.

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