spades tournament

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1. Sevrior,


Hello all. I will be organizing and establishing a spades tournament within the next week. The agenda as of now is as follows:
First, I need a full list of participants, with team designations.
Second, I need to establish times that the games will be conducted.

The scoring will most likely follow the structure established in the previous jass tournament, with the total composite score lowered in accordance with reasonable spades scoring limits. I will clarify, post and otherwise put these rules up after I have accomplished the two above tasks.

What I want and need from those reading this.
If you have a forum account and are interested in participating, I would like you to respond here with a confirmation. Regardless, in two days I will post the list of names I already have compiled, and indicate who has verified they wish to play. But having independent confirmation from you lot would be nice.

Secondly, and this is optional, I would like to get contact information from those participating. The reason is as follows: in the last jass tournament, there were a number of occasions on which people could not be contacted easily, myself included. This stalled the tournament, and caused confusion among the moderators. I want to avoid this problem during the spades tournament. So, I would like to have some means of contacting those who are playing to cut down on the delays and the waiting around. If someone is uncomfortable with giving me a contact method, that is fine, and you can still participate. I would ask though in that case that you devote more effort than usual to keep myself, your teammate and your upcoming opponents aware of your schedule and so on.

So there we are. The next step will be the list of names and the pairing of teams. I'll write more then.

2. Fawaz,

I like to participate,
U can contact Me by twitter or skype
skype: fawaz_ar
twitter: fawazar94

3. alligator1988,

Hello Sevrior, it's a long time since we last chatted.
I want to confirm my participation in the tournament, but still have some enquiries:
Is it obligatory to play with teams?
If so, who will choose teammates?
Anyway, you can contact me via skype: y_mohamad
and via playroom tables as well.
Thank you

4. diamond ,

hello! I would like to Partispate. u can contact me by Skype. my Skype is: Ahsannaeem8.

5. asif,

Hy this Asif mehmood i also wanted to play here.

6. olitta ,

I would like to participate,but me and Asif Wish to play in the same team. thanks.
The skype id where you can contact us is: asif.mehmood851

7. Sektor ,

Hey sevrior,
Lucky-cat team up with bleeblat. That's her team-mate.

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