Uno Tournament info.

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1. Raki,

Here’s everything we discussed at the uno meating.

Saturday and Sunday, matches will start at 12 p.m., eastern, 5p.m. UK, 6PM Beljum, Poland, and spane, 7 pm middle east.
Saturday will be the first round.
Sunday will be the quarters, semi’s, and finals.

Here are the matches for Saturday:
Note: games start at 12, I don’t no when the Uno games will end, so I cant give you a time for your matches, just be there early if you can.
The score will be set at 300,

First game: matcauthon, Omeryasin
Second game: Guliwer, willy5852
Third game: Fawaz, Redsoxfan
4th game: badgirl, ahmed
5th game: Eirin, reklaw
6th game: Yanet, marisoloca
7th game: immiyazksupafly, flower17
8th game: Randumrob, JScholes
The 8 winners will make it in to the quarterfinals on sunday.
Make sure your there, or elce the person your playing wil win, you wil lose, if you don’t show up. We will only wait for you for 5 minutes.
In the middle of the game if you have to go somewhere, just tell us to wate, if you don’t you will be kicked out after 5minutes.
No chatting during the rounds, (unless it’s the player trying to tell us that he’ll “be rite back”) because it will distract the players.

On sunday the quarter finals wil work like this:
The loest score of the 8 winners will be first, and the hiest score will be 8th.
1VS8, 2VS7, 3VS6, 4VS5
And then the semi’s,
the 4winners will be ranked based on there quarter final game score, 1VS4, 2VS3,
winners play in the final.
You will be able to come and spectate.
That is all, have fun and good luck!

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