Skopa Matchups!

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1. Raki,

Guys, here is an update on the skopa tournament, and the matchups.

First, the tournament will take place over 2 days.
Saturday, September 14 to Sunday September 15
On Saturday the tournament will be split up in to two brackits of time.
Note : all the times menchind are eastern, if you have trouble converting it into your own time, just answer to this post or pm me on the playroom.
On Saturday, the first bracket will be from 11:30 A.M. to 2 P.M.
The second bracket will be from 4 P.M. to 6:30P.M.
On Sunday the games will start at 12 P.M. Eastern, and go on till the finals.
Saturday will be the first round.
Sunday will be the second round, quarter finals, semmi finals, and Finals.
There will be 24 players in the first round, 12 matches. After those 12 matches, there will obviously be 12 winners, they will play in the second round, #1 plays #12, #2 plays #11, #3 plays #10, and so on, then 6 players move to the third round. Same thing again 1VS6, 2VS5, and so on. 3 players will advance to the forth round. The top ranked player wil automaticly make it in to the final, and the #2 and #3 ranked players will play, whoever wins that match will play the #1 ranked player in the final!
How will I rank the players?
Well in the first round it's all randum, i pick the matches at randum, but after the first round you will be ranked based on what score you kept your aponent too.
Bob beat John and John's score was 6
Joe beat Alex and alexes score was 4.
Joe will be #1, and Bob will be #2.
We will keep track of the score of your aponent through the hole tournament.
There is 24 players currently in this tournament, you can still join, but I will have to find another player to make it even.

For your matchups you will have to make some good judgement.
A match will take aproxamitly 15 minits.
If your match is the first match of the first bracket, then you come write at 11 30 A.M. If it’s the second one, then you come at 11:45, if its the third, then you come at 12 P.M. And so on!
I really hope you get it, if you don’t, remember you can always ask me!
Remember, Remind the person your playing if you see him on the playroom, because he or she mite not no!
Also, at the end of the first bracket, if there is still time, and the players for a match in the second bracket are there, and want to play, they can. And It goes the other way around, if there is no time in the first bracket, the match will be pushed to the second bracket.
So here are the matches.

First time Bracket (from 11:30 A.M. to 2P.M.

Gold124 VS Guliwer
Imthechampraki VS Shootingstars
Reklaw vs Tobispecial
Kasumi VS Doral1
Wolf VS Flower17
Willy5082 VS Diamond

Second Bracket (4P.M. to 6:30P.M.

Fawaz VS Ahmed
Orhanyeter VS Mischief
Marina7 VS Serdjoni
Ranma VS Missborn
Merry 24 VS Desire
Cristina VS Blackpearl

Remember, you can come whenever you want, to watch the other games!
Thanks allot, I hope you guys enjoy it!


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