Let's stop the dramma, let's end it now.

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1. Ranma,

Waaaay too many times here Ranma has come across people who like to say things about other people, how they are not who they are pretending to be. Isn't the whole point of the playroom to come here and to play and interact with others? So when did we lose sight of that and become a place of hostility and suspicions? I think that people should have the freedom to be who they are comfortable being and everyone should respect their rites to do so, so long as they are not hurting other members of the community. And most importantly, let's have an end to the bloody rumors about who said what about whom and who is pretending to be whom. If we drive away all of the players who are just here to have a good time by doing so, this place will be reduced to no more than a safe haven for gossiping thieves and pirates. Remember guys this isn't player versus player MMORPG battle game where that kind of talk is common. So don't be a troll and remember to have a good time. PLEASE!


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