Uno and skopa tournaments coming up!

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1. Raki,


There are 2 tournaments coming up in the holidays.
On December 21, there will be a uno tournament.
And on December 28, there will be a skopa tournament.
Both these tournaments will start at 12:00 PM eastern, and at 5:00 PM UK.
The skopa tournament will be 2 VS 2, so you’ll need a partner to join.
If you can’t find a partner just tell me, and I’ll find you one from my list of players, that can’t find partners also.
I'll be taking entries till December 16.
If you want to join, or learn more about these tournaments, just post below, or contact me on the playroom.
Thanks, and hope you enjoy,

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2. jage,

Which rules for Uno?

3. Raki,


+2 and +4 responses are allowed.
Straights are allowed.
Interceptions are allowed.
Super interceptions are allowed.
Bluff is allowed.
Buzzer cards, no
0/7 rule, no.

Hope this helps, thanks

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