your favorite audio games?

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91. Oana-tN,

what sinthesizers does this game suports?

92. Giovani,

Also, this game isn't in Spanish. This is Brazilian Portuguese, but yes, this is similar to Spannish, but only little bid.

93. the-supreme-AI,

just wanted to inform you, this is the latest status update posted by me, let's get to it: desaphio has gone down for now, we don't know why, keep on the look out everyone that has it

94. m_k_armageddon ,

hi! mi favorite audiogame list is tere:
topspeed3.0.3 undead assault, desafío mortal, not much surbibe the wild crazy party, beat start and + games.

95. the-supreme-AI,

ok guys, if anyone has scrolling battles, your world, my nick on there is: t45, drop me a chat, or visit my maps!

96. martsales,

i love sbyw!

97. sam69,

is anyone haveing trouble with crazy party

98. Giovani,

I have problems with intelectual world and try guess, why. Math isn't my great subject.
Nextly, I don't know, if SBYW is developed, or no. There are problems with ladders, but We must refer about It on and also, another problems too.

99. martsales,

dude, there aint no ladders, not yet

100. the-supreme-AI,

oh sorry guys, it was a thingy, but i'll reply now, sbyw is fun, but if anyone wants death match, project alpha, tell me

101. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Survive the Wild is my favourite game of no doubt. Recently I have been trying SBYW, I still have issues with it. For example, if my map is 2000 maxx, I want a zone that goes all around the map, like zone 0 2000 0 2000 test. It would give me an error and I still haven't find out how to fix it!

102. sound2,

At the moment I'm into jim kitchen's games. I tried playing some older games like river rage, but it doesn't work so nicely. Can't think of anything else.

103. the-supreme-AI,

right, if you can tell e your name on sbyw, and add me to your map as a contributor, i'lll fix you up

104. Muhammad_Hajjar,

For me as I said, my favourite type of games are rpg's. I'm sure the up coming game A Hero's Call will be my favourite, since this is an audio game that the audio gaming history didn't witness like before.

105. The-Queen,

Btw what is that game SBYW Sorry a silly question but wanted to know.

106. mohammedradwan9564,

gu akkm u have bogue with this game when i tried o instal priviasly i removed folder from programm files without uninstal the game if i tried to instal it says the folder shouldn't cenyains annown charactres

107. bloodsharp,

you can get deathmatch at

108. blac_mana,

i love eare fly and deve much project alpha, craziparti and more games i like

109. bloodsharp,

also guys sbyw is back up

110. Ferrumite,

ok, My favorite games. Redspot, The killer, Scrolling battles, HVR, From time to time play audio game hub and crafting kingdom, And GMA Games are one of my favorites.

111. bloodsharp,

its good that scrolling battles your world is back up

112. martsales,

yeah at least now we have reverb

113. AmineTrichine,

Reverb won't work with hrtf/surround off so it won't matter for week computers.

114. Ferrumite,

what's revver doing anyway.

115. the-supreme-AI,

ok guys, once again, i need you to keep on the lookout for new stuff to play, so, if you find anything, on the forum, please notify me, in links/text/pm

116. bloodsharp,

Hi guys, well this topic has got a lot of poasters lol, anyway there is a game called sbrw that mayson is making, check it out its quite cool, you can get it at

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