Regarding eloquence crashwords

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1. Nikola,

Hello everyone. I'm bringing one topic back which has so far not been solved, and that is immature people crashing eloquence.
Now, first i will be explaining how can NVDA users stop this crashing, and for jaws users hopefully Aminiel will be able to filter them the same way this addon filters them, since so far there was no word which can crash my eloquence.
The addon is called ultra eloquence, and it doesn't only provide fixes for crashwords but also a couple of pronunciation fixes, and you can get it from this link:!AnMpOqKlnLpGiCmq66lpxakOdx0W
Note: If you have any other eloquence addons, uninstall them first and read the readme carefully.
Now this is especially useful for Aminiel: The way it filters the words is by using regular expressions. I don't know how playroom's filtering works, but currently it filters only some words. Here is what the addon enters in the NVDA user dictionary as an regular expression.
The pattern field looks like this: \b(\w+[bdflmnrvzqh])hes(\w+)\b
And the replacement field: \1 hes\2
This so far seemed to always work. You can also take a look at the addon to see does it have any additional filterring, but i believe this is all.

2. YNWA,

I think Aminiel has commented on this subject quite a while back and yes it would not be easy to find. I think he is aware about what is going on and has suggested if I remember correctly for people to report codes. I think you would have go back to Ranma's post. If people do send them though I do advise people to put a space in them so if screen readers do read them then it won't make a difference. Personally touch wood I have not had an issue with this for a while but of course others could.

3. Nikola,

Yes i've read such topic and this topic is posted to show a solution for NVDA users, and the way it works for Aminie.

4. bloodsharp,

thanks for telling us how to stop it

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