Jass tournament results

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1. Cristina,

Greeting all!

First, I would like to congratulate Guliwer for becoming the jass tournament champion!
He played during the final against Me-me, who joined the final as lucky loser and got the second place, and Nikola, whose luck was quite absent, therefore the third place was gotten by him.

It was an excellent and exciting match, me-me started well, grabbing 2 points from the beginning, and the score of both gentlemen was minus 1.

Then Guliwer’s luck has risen as always and even if his opponents tried to stop him, they could not succeed.

The score limit of the final was 11 points, Guliwer had three times 10 points and it was so exciting how his opponents pulled him back each time from the taking the title. But it was impossible to make such a giant of luck to lose, then finally Guliwer had gotten 11 points and won, becoming the jass tournament champion

Very well played guys, congratulations and thanks for taking part in this tournament.

I would also like to thank all who participated in this succesfull and exciting tournament, thanks also for your patience, seriousity and kind support!!!

Kind regards! Always and the same Cristina! smile

2. Nikola,

Hello, congratulations to Guliwer for becoming the champion, and to Cristina for organising this tournament. It was quite a great one even though i wish i had more luck in the final.

3. Angelina-princess,

Congratulations to Guliwer, & well done tournament yeah.

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