help with a mac air mini, please;

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1. Bixby,

Hi, I have problems with a computer that gave me a mac air mini, but I have noticed that it has problems with the operating system, only appear recovery options, reinstalling MacOSX, restore from a time machine backup, Well, I tried with all the options to try to restore the system, but unfortunately on that computer I do not have internet connection, and I do not know how to connect from the installer screen; some have told me that it is done by pressing the command and option keys together, but it does nothing when I press them. if anyone knows about this, I would appreciate it if you help me, since I need to fix this computer as soon as possible. greetings to all!

2. marina7,

hello, I have a mac air, not sure what you mean by mini because there is no such model.
It's either mac mini or mac air, and the mac mini is kind of a desktop computer, while the mac air is a laptop so it might be a bit different.
I can help with that and I am familiar with it, so if you need help inbox me how we can voice call and where are you from for the time zones and stuff.
good luck.

3. Bixby,

hello, finally thanks for info, then mac mini and c r different models? OK, thanks for the data. Yes, my computer is a mac air, it is a portable computer, but anyway, I already had the issue repaired, apparently it was very damaged and had some ICloud accounts, but well, all this has been repaired and Now I can use it without any problem. Anyway, thanks for help ..

4. marina7,

great, happy you've got your problem solved.

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