New project, need helpers please!

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1. canada,

My name is Michel-Anthony Borde and I'm from Canada.
I'd like to talk about a project that I started one year ago, Global Web Sphere (GWSphere). It's a community that wants to help people solve problems, improve current technologies and the list goes on! Here are our principal missions:

  1. Help improve web and create websites/web applications. They will be verified by our team and should respect the w3c and our criteria.
  2. Make a movement of people who respect the confidentiality of its users. We want our users to be sure that their data will not go anywhere. We will never give away or sell data.
  3. Write and post content/media like podcasts, web radios, news, useful links, tips, etc.
  4. we want to be accessible to a very wide audience and in as much languages as we can!
    You will need the following to get in to the team:

    • 14 years old and more,
    • Live in a country that doesn't disallow internet access,
    • Have free time,
    • Have a Skype, E-mail or another communication method.
    • Here is the kind of people that we're searching for:
    • Write correctly,
    • Doesn't have problems communicating with others,
    • Can work in teams,
    • ...
    • We're also searching for web/local programmers, pod casters, editors, corrector, translators, etc.

Please contact me if you have an idea or want to participate.
You can also get in touch with me by using the inbox of the Play Room, "creatrix".

2. Kitoshi_Yoshimatsu ,

greetings creatrix.
My name's Jack, I'm a sound designer, spanish translator and when I have some free time, web programer. Only in php sadly but still. I'm interested on your idea. BTW, english and spanish are the most used languages. I think that, translating and editing promotional clips is my strength and I could help on that if you wish. You could add me as a friend if you wish and drop me a private messaje if you need me to do any work for it, if I get on the project that is. Good luck with it and we'll see

3. Mazdak ,

Hello, I can help you in translation, in order to translate your stuffs to the Persian. If you nead help on this way, please let me know. Regards.

4. canada,

Hey guys,
We now need people to help writing and programming stuff.
Thanks for your interest in this project!.
Great day!

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