new eloquence 7.0 beta 1, in this same month. very attentive people! because this is my Christmas gift.

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1. tu-principito-lindo ,

Hello people!
Today I want to share with you, the new eloquence 7.0, that's right. This eloquence, brings something new that many did not expect, and that some have annoyed. is. nothing more and nothing less than. This eloquence does not make long pauses, it does not jump, and it also improved in the spelling! yes! and errors have also been corrected with the languages, in the previous versions only when changing the voice vervalizava the name of the language in Spanish. and as it is a new version, the files of the elocutor have been moved to a folder in sinthDrivers, because in previous versions it gave an error, that the synthesizer was busy. without more, here the link! Enjoy it, Múcho! here, guys, without more the link that I did not publish:

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2. Vojvoda,

And the link is?

3. Nikola,

Lol, just lol.

4. Mazdak ,

Missing the link.

5. Ramon-Salazar,

Where is the link?

6. Nikola,


7. tu-principito-lindo ,

Hi guys. I'm going to edit my first message, since that I forgot. right now I edit it, and excuse me please

8. Ferrumite,

there is still no link roflmao. Thanks for some entertainament even if it's not yet Crisstmass in my country but. Anyway thanks for this, um, fun?

9. tu-principito-lindo ,

ready folks, I already edited my first message. download it is a .rar and tell me!

10. Nikola,

So, tried this and can't notice anything different. Listening to the notice file just makes me laugh at the failed attempt of making it sound serious. Eloquence wont ever be properly updated simply because it is dead. This is an addon for NVDA with small and almost non existant modifications based on the old addon.

11. tu-principito-lindo ,

no no. this add-on, as you've heard it in the audio, is updated every month and 15 days: and, of course, it shows something different. what is updated is eloquence in Spanish, but good. you've already heard it in the audio of the rar

12. Nikola,

It can be updated every day with nothing added if you want. If only the Spanish one was updated, what is the purpose?

13. tu-principito-lindo ,

but, it is that we are the parties. but, they would miss hearing all the audio, which is more information. and of course something is added, if not, the update is not valid.

14. FrootLoops ,

so this elequence just gets updated for the spanish language... what is the point of bringing it here then lol

15. tu-principito-lindo ,

do not. that is, it is updated in all languages. but more in Spanish. xd

16. riad,

you can't claim this version to be 7.0, Eloquence was sold to CodeFactory which made 6.1 with all crash codes disabled and many improvements. If you are to produce new content, you shall obtain the company's permission to edit the 6.1 add-on to update it then to 7, but not by doing so with version 5 of the driver.

17. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Has anyone noticed a slight good difference with this version

18. Saniel_Morse,

To be serious the only and big improvement to say I'm hoping for this addon is to be able to read asian texts. I'm happy those stupid pauses were finally deleted, but I wouldn't say this is uch a big one.
Kind regards.

19. sound2,

I haven't tried this one. The current verssion of eloquence I'm using is from

It's not bad, the only thing is when you read a document, there are hardly any pauses which can be a little annoying sometimes. I just wondered why would anyone want such a feature removed?

20. Saniel_Morse,

It's all about tastes regarding pauses, but if I haven't been clear enough those annoying pauses I talked about are like this:
Say we are reading a document, and, Eloquence suddenly, pauses when it, shoudlnt. Pauses regarding punctuation marks are perfecty fine; but those added when none of them exists is annoying for me. However if you like them it's rexpectable, too.

21. Nikola,

I believe those pauses you're talking about only happen in Spanish. Either that, or in some very old addon because i've never had random pauses.

22. Saniel_Morse,

Not really; look, I have an old Eloquence for Sapi4 (like 6.1 or so) and those pauses occur in english as well; if you wish to, I can upload an audio file showing that. I had an addon which also had the same pauses, unfortunately I didn't check if this also happened for english, but aye, certainly in spanish it was quite frequent. Also the pause length for punctuation marks was longer than usual.

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23. Nikola,

I am not sure about which eloquence are we talking about now since you mentioned sapi 4. Do you mean the old one which was in older jaws versions?

24. Saniel_Morse,

No. I don't mean the old Eloquence (3.1) but the one which is more similar to JAWS' Eloquence.
I have revised it and it seems that effectively the pauses in english are less than in spanish; anyway it's good to see this improvement. In conclussion, this Eloquence is not going to be updated with more languages or those cool stuff for a long time.

25. Nikola,

It wont ever be updated. Eloquence is officially dead. We can accept that or listen to people pretending they've updated it.

26. prince-makusu ,

Nicola, i think it is as espeak xd

27. Saniel_Morse,

Not at all if you make some little research:
Although ESpeak's creator has passed away (from what I know) some guys took the project and they have been keeping it updated and even the name has changed to ESpeak NG.
Too bad Klat synthesis is left away nowadays because it has great things specially for fast speech, but well...

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