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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Hi everyone
I thought that I'd start a topic pretty much talks about games of the playroom. I mean, it's just to make gams more easier to learn. So if any of us is in process of learning a game and faces several issues, say here and someone will be willing to share their ideas. Because the game introductions on the website don't give what is necessary to understand, it's much more harder for others who don't speak english perfectly to understand so hopefully this spot will be a fair way for everyone.
Goes my question: Is shut the boxes really all about enter and spamming enter as the majority do? Or you have to follow the numbers in order to win. Or it's just a luck game. I put time into it and I think it's nothing I understood more than spamming enter.
I hope someone can facilitate the point so it becomes understandable. And if this topic is any good, you might want to keep on with it as much as you have questions and things to share.

2. Nikola,

To be fair, game rules have improved a lot from previous times and are much easier to understand. There are still some cases where it gets really confusing, but it is mostly good. Regarding shut the boxes: It is a completely luck based game, and here is a short summary of how it is supposed to work: On the table you have boxes from 1 to 9. When you roll 2 dices depending on your total sum you can knock different boxes. For example, if you roll 2 and 3, you can knock either 2 and 3, 5 or 1 and 4. Now, the first choice in the list is always the combination which allows you to knock only 1 box at a time, which is the best strategy as if you roll 2 and 3 again and you have nothing that sums up to 5 remaining, your turn ends so knocking one box at a time is good so that you have as many choices as possible. In a way the way it works in playroom makes it a spamming enter game, the list could perhaps be random but that would still not have a huge difference and will only make the gameplay slower as there is not so much thinking involved in that game.

3. Mazdak ,

Hello, I do believe that my english is not good. I want to use people's experiences about zanzibar. I did not understood anything special about it. Please share your experiences here, and let me know how can I play. Also I'd much like to learn chess. I even don't ever plaied it in the real world. Because I have no education about that and have noone to learn it to me. If you know anything about any of those, please share them here. Thank you in advance.

4. Lemonade,

Why not just make a topic to ask a question about the rules of one specific game? As it stands right now, it will be very hard for people to find what they're looking for, because you can talk about any game here, so people will have to plow through all the posts in the hopes of finding something for the game they're having trouble with.

5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Because for example there are probably games like shut the boxes, there are not too many questions for them, and it is not worth it. If I have to do that then I would have to spam the forum with making a topic for every game.
The STW topic on the spanish forum has over 6000 replies I guess, and they still get along with it.

6. musiclover,

i fiend that that backgamin is hard can some one help me

7. Vojvoda ,

Just talking about Chess, you can not learn like that. Chess is game which you have to learn for years but basic rules are very simple so you could find them on Google. If it's too difficult I will be willing to help anyone who wants to learn possible moves for pieces, when is checkmate and etc.

8. YNWA,

I don't think chess takes years to learn but it could be made much easier if you had the option to select what pieces you wanted on the board to start with. Just a small example is if you were able just to select the king for say player B and player A had King, Queen and Castle for example. It would be easier to teach people how to get Checkmate!

9. Vojvoda ,

Everyone can play chess, but only people who really want to learn how to play good have to play it for years because it's a game of experience. After being in 1000 bad positions you have to learn how to answer on 1000 ways to them. Just through a lot of playing you can learn how to play it.

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