Proposal for the forum.

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1. NikolaTesla ,

So their credits. Greetings! N, T.

There is one thing that I have been hanging around by the head, and in the end I decided to post it here to read reviews.
It is mentions in the forum: I don't know if you see it as something intrusive, but in many cases it would be fine.
What do I mean with references?
As it is simple: a mention of your nick to let you know about a certain topic; for a certain user to explain to someone something they asked, if you know that that user knows the answer, to alert a moderator about any infringement of easiest way without having to send reports or private moderation, or even to alert you on the time of day that you are going to play a tournament in which you are enrolled.
These are to do with the @, as well as if you were sending a private, but in this case when writing the post.
The awards would come only if you are connected by a notification, as well as a private. And if not, by email, or even if there is little time and desire you could link the process to Twitter or any other social network easy to manage.
Obviously this would be controlled and would have the option to be disabled if you don't want any notice, as well as could also apply new rules and limits that punish those who are mentioned by users for no reason, or some other dictate that you can not mention to a same user for every certain number of posts or in the first post of a topic, which can limit the number of users to whom it is mentioned, that it is not used to make chains, neither in the permanent, etc
It would be interesting and very practical.
An example:
• Post 1: Hello! Does anyone know how much is 2 + 2?
• Post 2: I don't know the answer, but I'm almost sure that @aminiel yes, and you could lend a hand.
- Post 3: I Defined the schedule of the tournament of Quiz Party! @Behemoth will play against @Tyrant at 13:00, while @Stalker and @Matriarch will face off at 14:00.
And for that, there is.
Express their opinions and ask to see what can be done in the event that you are in agreement.
A greeting

2. sound2,

Personally I wouldn't want something like that. It can be overused, but then again, others might find it useful.

3. Andres_Ojeda,

good idea that nicola gives us. , come on, keep posting and aminiel, help us with this message to see your opinion.

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