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1. musiclover,

tomoro is my birthday

2. Mayank ,

A very happy birthday!

3. Mazdak ,

Happy birthday to you. Wishing all of the best things for you and for your live.

4. Cristina,

Happy birthday! May God bless you! And do not forget to pass some birthday cake to us, your friends from playroom, smile!

5. george,

Happy birthday!

6. sound2,

Happy birthday for tomorrow then.

7. musiclover,

thanks u guyes

8. Dayan,

Happy birthday. Wishing you all the best! :)

9. BellaBlack666,

Does playroom even do nbirthday emails or some sort of recognition: I can't remember lol

10. Dayan,

Lol. No.

11. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Happy birthday

12. play_romania1,

Happy Birthday!

13. Wiam,

Happy late birthday lol, best of wishes to you

14. BellaBlack666,

.Hey all, it's my birthday today and I'm excited about the plans I have going on later.

15. Dayan,

Oh. OK.

16. helleon,

Can people please not make this a trend? appy birthday to whoever's birthday it happens to be, but if we were to do this on a daily basis the forum would be cluttered. At least keep it to the one topic.

17. Nikola,

Lol, you do realize she did keep it to one same topic right?

18. Vojvoda ,

He did but I guess it was kinda warning and I agree with him.

19. Nikola,

Well personally I don't see the point of announcing it is someone's birthday anyways. People who care will know it, and I just mentioned that it is currently in one topic, and as long as it stays like that no issues for me and nothing is cluttered.

20. Vojvoda ,

Yeah it is pointless, especially announcing your own birthday is too... for my taste. And as you said if it will stay only in this topic it is completelly fine.

21. helleon,

Indeed - as Ajes stated, I was simply asking people to keep it to one topic. I was not suggesting that another had been made.

22. BellaBlack666,

.Wouldn't another topic mean a completely fdifferent forum with its own separate posts? Just clarifying.

23. Vojvoda ,

Topic means post

24. Sajad-Aliraqi,

lol the only solution to stop drama would be to erase the forums.

25. mhr91358,

happy birthday , friend

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