Your experiences based on using skype version 8 for windows.

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1. Mazdak ,

Hi folks, in this topic, I want you all to share your great experiences with skype version 8 for windows, the first issue I really have, is contacts, I really can't navigate between my contacts list and can't see their statuss's if they are online, do not disturb, etc. However, I'm using NVDA and not using skype univercity wihch is made for win10 since I don't have win10 on my computer. I can habbit using other menues in the new skype, but I really don't know how can I work with my contacts lists. Also, is there any way to hide those contacts which they did not accepted our request yet? There was an option on skype version 7, (hide contacts by submenu), after opening that, there was an option called (haven't shared my contact request) or something. I really could not find this option in the newest skype version, if anyone knows the answer of my question or ever had any experiences with Skype Preview, I really would appreciate if someone can help me. Regards.

2. Nikola,

Hi. I do recommend anybody who uses Skype daily to read this informative document.

3. Mazdak ,

I read, but didn't find my answers there.

4. Nikola,

To be honest most of those questions are indeed answered. Sorting contacts as you saw if you read is not possible, just like the fact that the new zSkype does not have as many shortcuts. I will stay on SKype 7 as long as possible. I am usually not that legacy type, but Microsoft made this switch too fast and SKype 8 is just not there yet. The fact that you cannot even switch your inputs and outputs separately and it just uses the defaults is enough.

5. Lemonade,

Yep. Well, at least we got one more reason why discord should be made accessible. If skype is going to suck, it would be nice to have an alternative. Oh well, we can dream.

6. Nikola,

I would love it to become accessible, and it is now a great chance for them to do it, not to mention that it isn't even hard but as you said for now we can dream.

7. Mazdak ,

But what will we do finally, if skype 7 stops working, all of us will be forced to use this crappy version. It is in about 5 months ago when I was installed skype preview, but I didn't see any changes for being accessible since that time untill now.

8. Nikola,

The one on Windows ten isn't inaccessible. It is just missing some general features that i like, for example global hotkeys.

9. Mazdak ,

So what do we need to do, those who aren't using win10, if skype 7 stops working, isn't there any way to continue using skype?

10. Nikola,

I am hoping that MS will improve the accessibility soon, for now you can still install Skype 7 just fine.

11. afrim,

Skype 8 is meerly nonsense. Thankfully, all of my friends are using social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp and I can call them from there. By the way, my favourite is Facetime on iPhone.
In fact, I haven't used Skype since the very first day it was updated to 8.0, only for that reason that it doesn't have shortcuts, and not much information is accessible in the first place.

12. Maldalain,

The experience is more horrible on the mac
It is almost unusable

13. supanut2000,

Personally, I never use the new Skype 8, but if Skype 7 stops working, I'll most likely just use Skype on my iPhone as it's mostly accessible, unless if Skype 8 by then would also be accessible.

14. helleon,

I only started using Skype for PC again recently, and am having no major issues with it. I use it on the iPhone also and likewise. On both I have the latest version.

15. shodan ,

There is a spanish message about it called "juntos por un Skype accesible".

16. bloodsharp ,

where can i get skype 7

17. supanut2000,

I just used Ninight to update programs on my computer, and...apparently Skype 8 is now the default option. A Skype 7 offline installer would be nice; in case I want to revert back. Where can I get Skype 7 offline installer?

18. bloodsharp ,

hi, i found 1 from

19. Ramon-Salazar,

Today Microsoft has released a new version of skype classic v7.41.0.101, and here is the link

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20. Mazdak ,

Thanks, if newer versions comes out, please post it here anyway.

21. sound2,


Have tried the verssion posted. My NVDA doesn't read the messages for some reason. I have to tab around. So it's easy to mis messages. Not sure how that can be sorted out.

22. rockstar2013,

Hi all,
@Maldalain, thanks for the information about skype for mac. I haven't opened it in quite sometime now, I opened it only to update it, but I didn't start it again. Anyway, I'll try to find out the version of skype I have on my mac, but, in any case, I don't use it much as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger have already taken over the job of voice calling, for me personally.

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