Suggestion for the Play Room.

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1. HarryPotter ,

Leo capo.
hi guys, I'm almost sure that this suggestion or will take it the wrong way, or not going to implement, and it's going to be there in the oblivion like always xd but that is not for trying xd. how many times didn't it happen that you were chatting with a girl or with someone and in the best time you fall, and that person sends you another message, and not what you receive? therefore I suggest that each time someone falls and you try to send a message, it pops up a message saying, for example, leocapo is offline. and so for you to know that you are fallen that you will not receive and send it then? to see that it seems to them.

2. helleon,

Actually, I don't think this is a bad suggestion, if I have interpreted it right. The OP feels that their should be a feature implemented that if a person is disconnected, their status should be offline.

3. BhavyaShah ,

Nikola, could you just clarify whether or not you actually meant "disconnected", or another state such as "absent", when you used the term "fallen"? I reckon we have an automated translation system being used here which is causing the slight ambiguity... Nevertheless, I do think that this suggestion makes sense based on our present interpretation of the original message.

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