not beeing put in turniments

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1. musiclover,

i dont think that its fere that i dont get put wen i sign up for turniments let me know what u think

2. YNWA,

The problem is people think hear that if they just say I am in then they are in when tournaments are around. It is an invitation and it is best to contact the host directly then you will know for sure if you are in a tournament or not. I have no idea if Cristina had already told you that you were not in the tournament privately or not, or she may have given your partner the opportunity to find another suitable partner if Cristina deemed that it was just you that was unsuitable for her competition due to reliability or any other reason, perhaps she felt the same about both of you I have no idea. I would like to think that hosts tell people one way or another if they are in or not as it is not nice to be just left their waiting to find out or not going to play in a tournament.

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