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1. canada ,

Global Web Sphere presents OwnSoft, a web hosting service. Weren't just a web hosting service, we help the developers get there websites more accessible for blind people. Join us today: https://ownsoft.net/ and build your own project. Note, its a payed service to help us maintain our servers and teams.

2. supanut2000,

How accessible are your web hosting features (control panel, scripts installer, account manager, etc)?

3. canada ,

We do the best to offer accessible products. We offer 3 panels like CPanel, Hepcia(our own panel) and another one. We've tested our home made CPanel and its fully accessible.

4. supanut2000,

Thanks for the reply. How accessible is the scripts installer that you are providing?

5. canada ,

elements are visible and we use combo box's and edit feelds as gui elements.

6. supanut2000,

Thanks for the fast reply.

7. canada ,

Welcome :)

8. bloodsharp ,

is there a free trial?

9. canada ,

Yes, with all shared hosting plans, we offer a 30 day free trial. 30 day money back garenteed.

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